Yay my sister is getting old too… 

Baby sister’s birthday was last week and though her being thirty bloody four does cheer me up at my advancing age, I’ll not be investing in the botox just yet. I just thought I could share 34 things I’ve learnt in 34 years of having her about! ! 

1) My sister is my music guru. “you must listen to this song, LISTEN to the words” is my fave thing. 

2) Her texts make me literally lol

3)Some intelligent humans do have dinosaur ‘issues’ 

4)I’ll  never be a  cool auntie. That’s LaLa. Josh still OK to fetch his mate for an Auntie La sleepover when he fetches him to fair? 

5)Some grown ups have tantrums.. AND they work. 

6)Some people you will never run out of things to talk about with. We surely should have by now? 

7) Telepathy exists. 

8)Around the right (wrong ?) people I’m a terrible bitch ! 

9)When I finally meet the guy who likes little sister. HE is THE one (unless she hates him) 

10) Genes are odd. 

My niece is more similar to me than my children and as for the LaLa /Shan thing. .

11) Not ALL beautiful people are knobs. 

12) A person who wakes you at 5am the morning after the night before with painkillers is worth their weight in their gold. 

13) Being round people who suggest a nap in the day rocks! 

14) Buying extra wine saying what you don’t drink tonight will keep is only fooling yourself. 

15) You can get homesick for a person not just a place. 

16) I should never be allowed smashable glasses…

17) Or near wheely chairs… 

18) or to be allowed to do dance moves with the brother in law. .. 

19) Frozen sprouts stop your eye falling out – bit niche that one

20) Notes 16-19 actually teaches me that alcohol is not my friend. 

21) There are people you can gossip with  without even knowing  the people involved and still bloody love it. 

22) Sometimes ‘home’ isn’t always your house. 

23) Aunties buy weird gifts. ..a bouncy castle for goodness sakes?! !


24) You can offer some people anything including your soul and they STILL won’t come and see Wicked with you. 

25) You’ll never feel more shocked than when you see your baby sister with her own newborn 

26) Our family has issues with heartfelt sentiment. My response to her having a health scare should not have been “I’m glad you’re OK, I’d be really bored if you died” 

27) Daily discussions about what you’re having/had for tea are not limited to The Royle Family. 

28) Johnny Vegas impressions are hilarious. 

29) Talking shite on the phone to my sis staves off anxiety attacks – handy! 

30)Shared childhood memories are the most precious thing. 

31) It’s family trait that a bottle of wine enables us to sing like angels. 

32) You can beg your sister to watch Frozen-for sentimental reasons. . . Doesn’t mean she will. 

33) Having a sister who buys clothes online but doesn’t send rejects back means a visit is like Christmas. 

34) Sometimes, and probably only if you are really, really lucky your little sister will grow to be not only an incredible human being who has your back always without question. They’ll also grow up to be your best friend in the whole entire universe. 

Love you Lou Lou – I’m so glad we didn’t get a dog instead of a baby xxxxx

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