I need you !!!!

Happy New Year!! 

My first post of 2017 is a teeny big beggy. There are these awards you see that I’m up for and I’d be soooo grateful forever and a day if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written and thought ‘hey that’s not crap you know’ if you could vote for daydreams of a mum. 

Looking through the categories I was really unsure where I fit. I’m not a ‘proper’ writer, my way of writing as I speak and overuse of exclamation marks put pay to that. I’m no comedienne, well I think I am sometimes but I’m generally in a small group of one there and I’m too scared to vlog ! 

Then I came across dedication – I think if I use that to mean bores everyone to death going on and on I’m certainly dedicated. 
I’ve been quietly writing this blog for 3 and a half years now. It was very much a solo pursuit at first . I didn’t dare join in with the social side of blogging until I discovered the Tribal chat crew (kisses you all! )
I started writing it as therapy after I’d left the abusive relationship and felt very much, to borrow from Fame, out here on my own. I never expected anyone to read it. 

As time went on though I received lovely messages from women who told me how relieved they were that it wasn’t  just them going through this stuff. Particularly after I wrote this about parenting after abuse. So I got a bit braver and this year shared my blog with people I actually know. 

Scariest. Thing. Ever. 

So dedication. I’m dedicated to letting women in abusive relationships know there can be light at the end of the tunnel


I’m dedicated to letting women know that they are believed 

I’m dedicated to letting women know that  I understand Christmas can be crappy , and how abuse makes you question your own reality 

I hope my  waffling does help  women feel a tiny bit less alone. That I show there can be a happy, free existence in your future. Of course I’ve still work to do. I hope to overcome my I love you issue at some point. On the whole though, life is good, most certainly so much better. 

Of course sometimes I just witter  about my nutty family or my famous crushes (RIP George)  but often come back to the reason I initially started blogging. Because writing things down help me make sense of what’s in my mind. 

So yes from now can we call it dedicated, rather than ‘bloody hell she’s on her soapbox again!’ though I’m kinda fond of that too. 

So, you can vote by clicking here I’d be super chuffed if you could choose daydreams of a mum in the dedication category. You can vote for me in up to 3 categories (no more or your vote won’t count) if you see fit.  Also if you’re a fan of blogs check out some of the other blogs, those Tribal chat crew are a talented bunch! ! 


My Facebook page blog page is here




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