I actually kept my New Year’s Resolution 

Last year I decided not to make the usual New Year’s Resolutions. I wasn’t going to promise to get fit or lose weight or finally find the allusive Mr Perfect. The problem with those ones is it’s likely June would have come around my running shoes wouldn’t have seen the light of day, I’d have been a stone heavier with all my single lady chocolate eating and I’d have felt a bit of a failure. Why set myself up for that? 
I always do like to make a resolution though, start a year with an optimistic goal. This year I kept it simple:

Try new things!! 
Thats it! 

I’m a bit of a set in my ways kind of a woman. I rewatch all my favourite films over and over as I do books. I order the same thing in favourite restaurants. It sounds boring (I am a bit!) I prefer loyal!! 

So here we are at the end of 2016, I’m reflecting on how my resolution went and I’ve realised this is the first year I’ve ever kept a resolution. 

I’m one of those people who, when people are talking about classic movies or the latest must see box set, I’ve never seen them. I thought as part of trying new things in 2016 I could tick a few off the list. I even tolerated Disney (I know!) to watch Beauty and the Beast which I’ve never seen (bloody hell talk about Stockholm Syndrome)  I got through some soppy ones (The Bodyguard, Top Gun) and some old classics I certainly should have seen before now including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – loved it. I finished up with Trainspotting last night which I expected to dislike but didn’t! 
The teens  introduced me to How I Met Your Mother which I’d never seen but I bloody loved. Unfortunately as I discussed here we tend to get pick up TV and movie quotes in this house so “Major Disappointment”  *salutes* and “Haaaaave you met Ted” are now stock phrases here! 

I read Wuthering Heights for the first time this year! I know! What kind of self respecting bookworm gets to 36 having not read that. The imagery in it is just so beautiful, her writing excusite. 

Trying new things on the food front was always going to be harder. I have the same attitude to trying new food as a toddler. I just KNOW I won’t like certain things (fish, eggs, baked beans, cauliflower, strawberries) without ever having tried them. So I tried making new dishes instead. My pulled pork was a particular triumph. Small girl and I also had a go at making our own pasta but to be honest that was just a messy, time consuming waste of our time. 
I did boy stuff ! 

Well man stuff… A fun brand new thing for this sceptic of all things male girl! 

Sharing  my blog with people who actually know me was a terrifying new thing. It had been my little secret spot on the internet for ages but people have been so nice and supportive. My little  blog has been on the Mumsnet front page this year too! A proud new thing! 

I’ve even made a good start on writing that book – THAT is new! ! 

So all in all, despite 2016 being the year the world went barmy, on a personal level my ‘try new things’ resolution has been a good, positive one. 

I think I’ll keep it for 2017!!

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