Christmas ads fib!

Yes it’s still November but the Christmas ads are out so I’m allowed to now use the C word!!!

I love a soppy Christmas advert, I do. They make me feel emotional and nostalgic and warm and fuzzy inside. You can’t beat them to make you really feel festive . They make me feel something else though too.. a bit of a failure. Our Christmases don’t look like the ones on the ads, I sometimes feel guilty about our non advert perfect Christmas.

Then I get a grip. It’s all fibs to fool you into buying stuff!! I’ve thought about the perfect Christmas scenes the ads sell us and how my more real scene unfolds at home!

Christmas ad scene :
Perfectly wrapped colour coordinated gifts under an exquisitely decorated tree. I’m always so jealous of the trees.

Real scene:
I’m a good gift wrapper. I love it, luxury paper, ribbons, bows, sprigs of holly (too far I know). That only extends as far as grown up gifts though. Kids gifts are usually wrapped in £1 a roll Asda special paper. The tree?? Oh my!! I let littlest girl decorate the tree so it’s now become her thing. She’s so giddy and enthusiastic about it and the tree always looks… interesting.

Ad scene :
Gorgeously dressed table, glistening turkey, perfectly cooked vegetables, mountains of food.

Real scene :
I do a good line in table dressing. I can compete with an M&S ad, no problem.

It. Ends. There.

Lovely food on the table, candles, place names it’s all there. Then I take my seat at the table. There’s a call of “where’s the pigs in blankets?”

I can’t even say ‘shit!’ silently in my head what with it being Christmas so I rescue the pork products from the oven JUST before they burn and return to the table. I should confess here that dinner is always at least an hour later than I say it’ll be. It’s become a tradition.

Soooo.. dinner late, close call with the pigs in blankets but it’s OK. We’re still on for ad perfect Christmas dinner. Let’s pull the crackers.

Chaos ensues – cracker pulling elbows knock over drinks. I still can’t say ‘shit!’ silently in my head what with it being Christmas. I chirp ‘It’s fine’ clean up mess and yet again return to the table.
“mummy my gravy tastes of lemonade”
For jingle bells sakes!!

Ad scene: Huge family Christmas
Loads of kids, mum and dad, aunts and uncles, grandparents. Everyone smiling and dozing and having fun.

Real Scene : Loads of kids, that I can do.
Other than the kids though, there’s just me! Lots of smiles though… well until the early start and excitement catches up with everyone and there’s a bickerfest around 5ish!

Ad scene :
The bit at the end where mum sits on the sofa, sighs a huge sigh and curls up with a much deserved glass of wine.

Real scene :
There’s a brief sit down post dinner before tackling the washing up. Glass of wine that was poured with lunch remains largely untouched but slurps are stolen as operation clean up begins. Then time to prepare supper buffet. Doctor Who is sit down time though. That’s the rules (boooo to them taking that away from us last year!)

So our Christmas isn’t ad picture perfect.

Our tree decs are wonky. Dinner will almost certainly be late and missing a vital ingredient. There are only the kids and I and no rest until Doctor Who. You know what though?? That’s our perfectly, unperfect Christmas.

I love it.

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42 thoughts on “Christmas ads fib!

    1. Ha Ha well I must confess my lot go over to grandma’s for almost a week over new year so I do get peace (which I then whinge about my house being too quiet) then!


  1. Sounds exactly the same as ours. I’ll be doing the dinner for the first time in ages, we’ve been sensible and gone out to eat the past few years!!! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to comment on this for #chucklemums!


  2. I prefer to say I’m keeping it real. We used to get the family pictures after school and the kids didn’t bother getting dressed for them so they’d be dirty and mess but exactly how they look each day. We’d see all the pristine families on their finery look at us horrified – even the little kids! I love those photos. Now only 1 kid will do them…ahhh so the new real is the shrinking family. #forthelovepfblog


  3. This is funny. My daughter always decorates our tree, so it always looks interesting lol. We don’t have any one over, it’s always just us and the kids. Hubby cooks dinner and I sit and eat chocolate!


  4. I don’t think that anyone’s Christmas is like the ads at all, I know that our family Christmas is not like it at all. I do love seeing ads as they make me feel Christmassy, but I think that some of the retailers are cottoning on by trying to create more “real-life” family Christmas’s. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  5. #thesatsesh that why they are ads…dreams far from reality. I have say i like the uniqueness that each family adds to a single day. I have a friend who has a BBQ, we do the traditional turkey – another friend orders a curry 🙂 each little family tradition makes the day unique…also I’m hungry, so thats why all examples are food motivated.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. For some reason, I got a bit teary-eyed when you described your perfectly imperfect Christmas. It’s the real deal. 🙂

    Btw all I need is to listen to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and I am ready for the holidays.


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  7. #Blogcrush I’m so luck we go next door to the in laws for lunch. I’ve spent years being slightly disappointed at the way the tree, wrapping etc looks and this year I’m having non of it! I reckon advert Christmas would be pretty boring anyway.


  8. Ah, you have heard about Dr Who this year haven’t you? it;s being broadcast on 1 Jan instead. Sorry to break it to you. This does, by the way, pretty much describe our Christmast too. thanks for hosting #blogcrush


  9. We stream now so commercials are rare for us to see. Thankfully! We do watch Dancing with the STars Juniors, so we get a fair share on that show – mostly about meds and all things pharma! Thank goodness we know how fake it all really is ! #blogcrush xoxo

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  10. This is so true! Most years we forget to even put the Christmas crackers out on the table and then I’m so disappointed so I make sure to put them out the next day. Oh yes Christmas in reality is full of imperfections but I still love watching those perfect adverts on tv! #blogcrush

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  11. This sounds lovely! I like to make an effort with our house decorations but I’m afraid the table looks like it does almost every other meal time – by the time I’ve cooked all that food, I just can’t be bothered dressing the table up nice too. But, as you say, it’s OUR perfectly imperfect Christmas and it works for us 🙂 #blogcrush

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