Parents of small children – this too shall pass! 

I write this post in my bedroom, slouched on my bed with a cup of tea.

The children are playing on Mario Kart together (yes they’ve gone retro)

There is no arguing (yet)

It’s a calm Sunday.

No one needs me.
No one needing me used to really bother me. I hated it, I couldn’t just leave them alone to play together. I’d have to squeeze myself into their games and conversations as I just couldn’t stand the fact I was no longer necessary all the time as I once had been.

Then I got a grip. I realised maybe this was it. Maybe a chapter of a book in peace was my reward for all the teething and nappy changing and separation anxiety and colic. I’d be a fool not to take advantage right?

So, parents of small children. I was once you, my children are now 17,16, 15 and 9 but I once had 3 under 3. I’ve fought the good fight, I’ve got the battlescars, but now I’m at the other side. Let me share with you the light at the end of the vomit splattered tunnel.

One day you will drink tea hot again

Bullshit you’re thinking, putting the kettle on is merely an act of defiance and hope during toddler years, nothing comes from it.

One day friends it will-one day the children will even make the tea for you! Yes you’ll be the one cleaning up the mess but that’s besides the point. Unfortunately if you’re like me and a bit fussy about your tea (I’m a Yorkshire girl it’s in my blood) this novelty will wear off as only you yourself can be trusted to make a decent cuppa but hey, thought that counts.

One day you will have an uninterrupted phone call.

There’ll not be wailing the second you pick up the phone, you’ll not have to chat with a person attached to your leg. There’ll not be cries of “me talk!!” from a little person. It’ll just be a quiet chat. Should teens interupt phone calls the threat to do the same to them next time they’re on the phone generally works as discouragement.

One day Cbeebies will no longer be on your TV

You’ll miss it too! Not just because you fancy Bloom either. Here’s a post I wrote when I realised our time with ‘beebies’ was over.

A time will come when you can bathe alone.

It will. I promise.

No one using the toilet whilst you’re trying to enjoy the aromatic joy of patchouli.

No bath invasions that begin with 2 toddlers diving in to join you and end in you getting out and leaving them to it,cursing having used your expensive bath oils and wishing you’d have just poured the radox in.

No helpful pre schoolers thinking your bath looks a bit boring devoid of toys so throwing in every toy they own for you. .. Plus a couple of loo rolls, a pair of knickers and a bottle of mouthwash!

Clock change will make no difference at all.

You’re always the first one up anyway and, don’t wet yourselves with glee, but you wake up of your own accord! ! They can arse about with clocks all they like but a teen who doesn’t rise until lunchtime is not going to be affected. That extra hour in bed they speak of? It’s real people and you one day shall feel it too!

I know it may seem I’m boasting but I promise I’m not. It’s just I remember during the chaos years I truly believed sleep and solo loo trips were a thing of the past forever.

That’s not the case.

The most pain in the arse bit about being here on the other side though is this.

You get a little sad that all upset your child feels can no longer be cured by a magic mummy kiss.

You feel mournful that no one needs you to read them a bedtime story.

There’s a twinge of guilt that those baby days you often wished away are gone.

You know what you do when you feel that way though?

Pour a large glass of wine, run a hot, deep bubble bath and take a book in there with you. Enjoy a long, uninterrupted soak and remember – you earned this!

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38 thoughts on “Parents of small children – this too shall pass! 

  1. This made me laugh! My little one has currently undergone a personality transplant and has changed from a lovely, placid baby to a temper throwing wildling, so I’ll look forward to this day! (Not that I’m wishing his life away!) #eatsleepblogrt

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  2. Oh I love this post so much! I cannot begin to imagine having one of my kids make me a cup of tea – it sounds like such luxury (and as a fellow Yorkshire-girl, I agree that it has to be made “just right!”). Thank you for sharing such an encouraging post and I’m so glad to have come across your writing through the #blogcrush linky 🙂


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  3. This nearly made me cry. I’ve been feeling really strange over the fact that my boys have actually started asking me to leave them alone and want their own space! When did that happen! On the plus side, the eldest has just started making me a cuppa!

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  4. Brilliant post, and I felt a little sad reading it. I actually can’t imagine life now without a little person in it, but as she gets older, the baby days feel like a distant memory, and she is only 22 months. I feel like I need to hang on them, but actually I think I need to make sure that my daughter knows that I’m always there for her. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x


  5. I can not wait to have a wee in peace!! Sometimes I will have the eldest sat on the floor next to my chatting and the baby sat on my knee..what happened to privacy haha. I can imagine it is sad not being needed so much anymore but that’s part of them growing up I guess xx #thesatsesh

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  6. This is truly wonderful and all parents of young children should read it! I have suspected that such things were true but it’s good to get confirmation from someone I believe. Mine are 5 and 2 now, and actually it’s already getting a bit more chill around here on the weekends. We still have cbeebies on though. I’m really going to miss it. #thesatsesh

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    1. Don’t tell but the 9 yr old and I sometimes sneak an episode of Charlie and Lola on for nostalgia!!!Yes hot tea and peaceful baths lay ahead!!!x


  7. #thesatsesh i absolutely adore this! hope, love and honesty – a winning combination. Plus they always need you, its just the need changes. A friend recently had his first baby and whilst his wife was in hospital he had to run back home to get her bag etc. having not slept for 24hrs his parents were worried and followed him in the car to the hospital – because despite the fact he was on the cusp of fatherhood, he will always be there baby.

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  8. What a lovely way to look at your kids growing up, I must say I am now delighted when my kids occasionally still want to do something with me – usually means their friends are unavailable though! #GlobbalBlogging

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  9. This post is such a good reminder! I’m in the thick of things right now. I often wonder what it will be like when they are older. You are so right though, it brings its own worries and concerns. At least when they are little, you kind of have full control. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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  10. Ah I can tell your sad that these times have passed. I know you’re right and I know I will be sad too when they do but sometimes you long for these things when you have two small ones – as you no doubt know. It’s a good reminder to try and just enjoy these times whilst they’re here. Thank you for joining us at #familyfun

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  11. Aw I love this! Beautiful blog post. I relate to the toddler throwing toys into my bath too much. Oh and peeping behind the shower curtain once she realises I distracted her with Moana to get a 5 minute head start in the shower! #itsok
    Sarah | Mummykind

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  12. There are definitely days when I need to hear this! Mine are 2 & 4, and as much as I feel guilty to wish their lives away, I can’t help but long for this a little bit! Thanks so much for linking up to #itsok x


  13. ‘The days are long, but the years are short’. Reading this made me smile as I have 4 between 1 and12. I secretly mostly enjoy being needed. Great post and I’m also a Yorkshire girl but with a love of coffee x #itsok

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