I am not supermum today. 

I am not supermum today.
Some days I do feel like it.

When the planets align and I’ve managed to squeeze a conversation out of all 4 children before we all have to leave for school.

When we’re sat chatting around the table eating some nutritious, yummy dinner I’ve made.

When everyone is getting along and bickering is at a minimum.

Then I feel pretty supermum-esque, like I’m doing OK at this parenting lark.

Today is not one of those days.

Today I am not supermum.

Today I am barely adequate mum.

Today I am must try harder mum

Up your game mum

Get your shit together for goodness sakes mum.

In my experience a bad morning is often the catalyst to a bad day.

Today was a rubbish morning.
Getting the teens out of bed was a Herculean task.

Small girl insisted her legs wouldn’t let her get out of bed as she was too cosy.

I wasn’t patient, cajoling mum.

I was snappy, irritable mum.

Drinks were spilled at breakfast, a glass was smashed, swear words were held in.

I left small girls homework book behind and didn’t realise until we were seconds away from her going into class. The look on her face when we realised this was nothing short of withering (in my defence I had packed it last night but so keen to admire her work was she that she’d gotten it back out and left it on her bed)

However, she was clearly disappointed in my telepathy skills once we identified lack of homework book.

I’ve spent all day feeling bad and beating myself up over the fact that the last thing I said to the teens this morning wasn’t “have a great day” but something grumpy and grouchy.

I’m miserable I’ve disappointed small girl with my shit telepathy skills.

I know it’s unlikely they’ve brooded on it all day but I have. Bloody mum guilt!


Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow is also a day where the elder 3 are going to their grandparents for the weekend (grandma will not sigh and tut if a glass is smashed) They are going to the big fair back home and will have great fun.
Small girl is at daddy’s (daddy does NOT forget homework books)

I’m home alone.

I’ve a feeling a night under a duvet watching rubbish tv maybe just what’s needed to give supermum an opportunity to show her face.

Today I am not rocking motherhood.

Today motherhood is rocking me.

Tomorrow though, that’s a brand new day.

I’ll iron my cape in preparation.

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The Tale of Mummyhood

20 thoughts on “I am not supermum today. 

  1. I love how this is written! I get this everyday, the mum guilt! In the heat of the moment I’ll be mad then on reflection I think “God you’re a twat you didn’t have to snap like that!” At least we are aware of it, and the fact it bothers us makes us super mum’s in my book 🙂

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  2. I can totally relate to this! If we have a bad morning we often have a bad day too. As you say though, tomorrow is a new day and we all have those days that we’d rather push to one side in our memory bank so we can focus on the great ones 🙂 #blogstravaganza

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  3. So true – I lose my patience a lot with my kids. But I always make sure to apologize if I was rude or extra mean. It’s hard to hold it in sometimes, but we are all doing our best (or so I hope!) and everyone has a bad day. You are so right to say tomorrow is another day. 🙂


  4. I think everyone can relate to this! I know those days when you look around and think, everything is all right, and other days when you wonder how you can salvage things. Definitely take your time to rest when you can and good for you for being kind to yourself. Thanks for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT. Hope you join again next time.

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  5. This is a super post Kelly – so relatable and so true. I hate myself on days I’m “shouty mum” and LittLe Man and myself are at loggerheads (he’s tantruming, I’m shouting). You’re so right, a bad morning is indeed the catalyst to a bad day. And as you said, we feel s**t about it all day but (thankfully) our kids forget… mum guilt truly sucks!!! Thanks for sharing this with #itsok

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