The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.. 

This morning small girl returned home from daddy’s, where she’s been since Thursday, in her pj’s. This is usually a statement of intent from her. It means ‘I’m really going to whinge if you force me to brave the outside today’

She’d brought some new books with her. I know the excitement of new books myself, nothing makes me happier than a book buying binge (I know I know! !) I got her eager excitement though as a fellow bookworm.

I was pottering about a bit later, putting away laundry and other equally thrilling tasks. I went into the girls room to see small girl laid on her bed under a blanket with her book. Obviously needy mum here had to gatecrash and ask if I could join her, thankfully she said yes.
Off I went to get my book then hopped into the other end of her bed, I revealed the forbidden in bedrooms chocolate I’d brought along and snuggled down. She was reading her book, me mine. Conversation was minimal, which is unusual for miss chatterbox, but she was happily engrossed in the book.

After a little while she offered to lend me the last book she’d finished :The Royal Bake Off. I started reading that, her intermittently asking where I was up to or who was my favourite character or which part I found funniest. It was really lovely!

We paused to chat about which other new books she’d bought and I realised with absolute delight that that she had chosen The Enchanted Wood, one of my all time favourite childhood book series (though in my day the girl child was called Fanny not Franny and I don’t feel scarred by the experience) I asked if she’d read me some which she did and it was the most sweet thing. My little 8 year old reading me the book I used to adore at a similar age. It was nostalgic and comfy and so relaxing (I am a fan of being read to at the best of times-Mr Perfect if you’re reading this take note)

That’s when she said it : “this is the best way to spend a Saturday morning”

I agree

I try and fill weekends with stuff, if we’re not swimming or at the park or at cheap Saturday  am cinema we’re baking or crafting. There are board game afternoons and movie nights.

Peace and cosiness and books though? That topped any other activity as small girls favourite.

Like mother like daughter eh?


6 thoughts on “The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.. 

  1. My daughter loves her books too. I bust her most nights with her flashlight and a pile of books on her bed. It’s difficult to tell her off for it when there’s so many worse things she could be doing! It’s lovely you can share those moments 🙂 #TribalLove

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