Just us 5

I had a whinge here last week about how lonely single parenting is at times. It is too, but to me that’s the only real down side I find in being a single parent. 

You’d have to ask my elder 3 children their down sides in having me as the sole stable influence.. actually let’s not do that, it might not be pretty! 

After my moan I wanted to talk instead about how I enjoy our family dynamic. We’ve been ‘us 5’ for many years now. I like it, I think the kids do. It’s cosy and comfy and it’s home.

We are 5.
Mum,who needs to up her organisational game but makes a good pie. 

Eldest boy- Maths and science  enthusiast who fancies being like Brian Cox, a scientist AND a rock star. 

Youngest boy – Enjoys food. Pasta maniac. Funny beyond words. Best Garth Crooks impersonator. 

Eldest girl – Sporting superstar. Dress hater. Smashing sexist stereotypes one at a time. 
Youngest  girl – lover of all things fairy. Bookworm. Cooking show enthusiast. 

You see how all these personalities combined could make for a slightly quirky household. It just comes together and works though. That’s how families work I suppose! ! We fit.  ‘Us 5’ works for us. 

Being a single mum does have  its  advantages. I’m lucky to get to be the one who gets to spend time with them, know their quirky little likes and dislikes. The one who knows their interests and what makes them tick! Just sitting chatting with them and hearing their take on the world is a favourite way to pass my time. 

I talk in this blog often about finding Mr Perfect (for me) remember the list?  I just don’t know where on earth he’d fit into our dynamic though. This may be why I don’t get too involved with anyone. I date , I’ve softened a lot on that front. Having another person around for board games Friday though or an extra bum on the sofa for a Doctor who marathon? Hmmm, not sure. 

Just ‘us 5’ works just fine.

What I’m realising recently though is that ‘us 5’, well that’s already changing. As the teens are getting older occasions where all 5 of us are home or doing something together are becoming more rare. I’m aware for the first time really that ‘us 5’ isn’t going to be that forever or even that much longer. The eldest will soon be away to uni, the middle two will be out having a social life rather than playing Articulate with me. 

I can see approaching on the horizon a time when ‘ us 5’ will be a special treat rather than the norm. I can’t be too sad about that either, it’s my job to raise independent human beings isn’t it? 

Maybe if the dynamics are changing anyway a time could come where  we could squeeze an extra person on the sofa for Doctor who? 

Or maybe I’ll need that space to put all my comfort food when the kids are all too cool to be watching TV with needy mum! 

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6 thoughts on “Just us 5

  1. Sounds like you have such a lovely family! It will be sad as they start to move on with their lives but they’ll be back. You always need your Ma! As their lives evolve you’ll find yours does naturally too. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  2. Hang on to the happy days and the memories hun. It sounds like you’ve got your hands full but in a good way, and have the perfect family life. I sometimes think about the day that I’ll be child free and can do exactly what I want to do. I hope you find Mr Right. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  3. Aaah life is constantly evolving and changing, isn’t it. I think we need to try and enjoy the moments while they’re there because we never know how and when they might change. It must be strange to think that there is such a big change just around the corner, though, but I think, as you’re all so close, it will just make your together times even more special. #blogcrush

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