Call me a grump but… 

It’s beginning to feel a bit chilly. 

Am I crying for summer back? 

Lamenting the end of  picnics and pretty summery dresses? 

Not at all not one bit. 

We’ve had an odd summer. Now the elder 3 are getting older, they often have plans with their friends rather than wanting to picnic in the park with mum! Added to that small girls holidays with daddy, eldests hols with his pals and other holidays with grandma I feel as though we didn’t really get to spend that much time together really and it left me a bit flat where summer is concerned. I know this is likely how things are going to go now the kids are getting older but I’ll put this year down as a transitionary period and prepare better next year. 

So a chill is in the air and I’m not sad, I like autumn. It’s the kick start to so much good stuff! 

Comfort food 

I like a bbq  as much as the next woman but it  just doesn’t do much for my soul. 

Stew and dumplings, soups, hotpots.. These things make my heart happy! I know! I know! It’s always about the food with me! There’s a whole other kind of giddy reserved for coming in out of the dark and cold to a stew that’s been bubbling away in the slow cooker all day filling the house with yummy smells! 

Even better. . These comfort foods may carry a few more calories than your summer salad but it’s OK because.. . 

Jumpers.. and boots… 

I bloody love a jumper! ! Gone are having to show  your wobbly bits. Fluffy jumper and even the attention seeking boobs are covered up and behaving themselves! Sooo cosy too! OK we all know I’m stuck in a 90s tartan skirt /sweater combo but to mark the start of the season I may treat myself to some new thick black tights!!! Ready for… 

Hull Fair Weather

OK so to those of you not from Hull you’d probably just call this – well weather I suppose. Back in t’day though the week of Hull Fair (early October) was always when your mam would buy you new scarves and gloves. It’s cold, it’s crisp, it’s worthy of gloves but not necessarily a coat! 

I know I’m a Hull bore.. I do I promise. I know I’ve mentioned it’s our  (yes I know I don’t live there  anymore but  it’s still home! ) big City of Culture 2017 year. Should any of you find yourself in the vicinity being culture vultures around October, pay the fair a visit. It’s a spectacle! 

Cosy, dark nights in. . 

The best bit of autumn/winter to me. You’ve tummy’s full of lamb hotpot, you’re all in your pj’s on the sofa watching either Strictly or X Factor (or a movie if you’re too cool for that). No Doctor Who this autumn unfortunately. Hot chocolate on laps, curtains shut, lamps on.. 

My little family and I, cosy and snug? Yes that definitely makes an autumn night for me! 
Besides those children have to make up for their summer desertion to needy mum! ! 

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