Signs your child is a Bake Off obsessive… 

Small girl ditched Cbeebies for the Food Network when she was about 3. She loves any cooking  programme : Jamie, Masterchef, Great British Menu, Matilda and the Ramsey Bunch she’ll watch them all. When she’s ‘grown up’ she wants to own her own restaurant. 

Her favourite, as is mine, is The Great British Bake Off. I always try to encourage the kids interests and if I can share in them I always try too so snuggling watching Bake Off with cake is one of our favourite things.

Even with the big new channel change she insisted she was going to watch. Though Sandy and Noel are in no way as funny as Mel and Sue in her opinion ,she’s stuck with it!!

Though sometimes I pick up on signs that maybe she loves it a bit too much.. 

1) The Great Soggy Bottom Meltdown 

Small girl loves baking, she’s quite skilled. School cake sales or coffee mornings are her favourite when she can bake at home then show off her wares. This is all well and good when it’s all going right, when her pies are perfect, her buns beautiful and her shortbread superb. 

However, when it goes wrong you can  witness a tantrum Gordon Ramsey would be proud of. The most recent one occurred after small girl had been making a cake. I had interfered (because I never learn!) Cake came out most unsatisfactory. Cue the 9yo equivalent of a toddler tantrum ending in her storming into her room with the words “I am not serving that it has a soggy bottom!” 

2)Her life ambitions are a little off the wall 

The phrase “all I want in life is to have an oven with a prooving drawer” has been uttered more than once. A ‘big posh’ food mixer is on her Christmas list! 

3) She is a proper food critic

Indoors at home I find it pretty quirky and  adorable when she comments that the cookies you’ve made are a little overbaked. Eating out is a little more blush worthy though when she becomes food critic  2017. Her chopping up a pie, declaring the pastry too dry makes me feel as though I have one of those unbearable children better placed in a Roald Dahl story. She’s not I promise! All Bake Offs fault! 

4)She has delusions her daddy is like Paul Hollywood 

Small girl maintains that her daddy looks like and bakes like Paul Hollywood. 

She is deluded. . and possibly has been touch of hero worship going on. 

We also must never tell daddy about this , he’d be chuffed to bits.

5) Play doh becomes very competitive 

Play doh out. 

Her soft  toys come out. 

Small girl v mummy at play doh bake off. 

The soft toys play the part of the judges. Strangely though, small girl voices the judges and though their opinion on my play doh cakes are usually scathing they are always very complementary about hers! She’s been even known to get the famous Hollywood handshake for her croissants! ! 

I’m mummy, I find all this quirkiness the cutest thing ever. .  Though I’m also hoping her restaurant ownership comes off, I’d never cook again! ! 

37 thoughts on “Signs your child is a Bake Off obsessive… 

  1. I have a 7 year old bake off obsessive daughter (I’m just about to publish post with reference to that!) We too have bake off style judging and we have to have complete silence when she watches it on catch up, I’m not even allowed to eat cake audibly! But I love watching it with her it’s our thing! The show is defo inspiring children to cook and bake. #chucklemums

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  2. That is brilliant! For starters you are not being subjected to cbeebies, so that’s a win. But you get to snuggle and eat cake, awesome. I now really want to go for a meal with her just to be there as she decides whether the scones are up to scratch or not #blogstravaganza

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