Holiday in Hull? Yes please! (yes really!!!) 

I know I’ve barely mentioned on social media my excitement at my trip home to Hull whilst the kids are away  (except loads all the time constantly)
The thing is, I’m a simple girl at heart. I’m easily pleased and making me happy is ridiculously easy to do. So a Hull holiday to most would be the boobiest of booby prizes (poor deluded fools) but to me, it makes my heart sing.

Here’s why :

1)Home really is where the heart is
Obvious this one. I may live away from home but my sister’s house feels more like home to me than anywhere. Yes the tea quality is beyond shocking but that in itself has reached quaint status. The second I walk in that door all worries are left on the doorstep. I am at my most relaxed and smiliest.. Probably a little something to do with…



2)The People
My sister – my favourite human.

My brother in law – One of the few men NOT to be on the list come the feminist revolution.

My niece and nephews – the best niece and nephews ever! The cutest and more importantly funniest little people.

The elusive brother occasionally makes and appearance and a whole host of other people who just put a smile on my face!



3) The Food
You may not realise that Hull is a fine dining hotspot but get your chops round a pattie and be enlightened my friends! As for a Hull takeaway. Oh Em Gee. . You’ll never taste anything like it – CHIP SPICE!! and garlic sauce on your kebab, that’s right not garlic mayo but garlic sauce. My mouth is watering in anticipation.



4) Not much changes (thank goodness)
I feel like I can leave the place but always feel the familiarity upon returning. When I arrive it wafts over me like a city wide comfort blanket. Yes they can posh up the station but hop on the 56 bus and it’s like a comforting time warp. I mean all I want to do is have a go on the splash boat at East Park. .. I’m as giddy about it now as I used to get as a kid in the summer holidays.



5) I laugh more
This is a weird truth.

I laugh more in Hull and I’m a giggler at the best of times. I spend the absolute majority of my home time laughing and snorting like a demented warthog. I think it’s because at my sisters, as I’ve said before, I’m my actual uncensored self. It’s freeing.

Home is home no matter how far you travel and I’m so looking forward to hopping on the train, looking out for the Humber Bridge and having some home time.. there may be a small amount of wine involved I suppose! !

I know I’ll have gotten you all desperate for a visit, but hold your horses my pals.

Hang fire for 2017.For we are indeed City of Culture and you are ALL invited. I’ll give you the grand tour, we’ll all bunk down at my sisters – she won’t mind – the patties are on me!

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