Things I should’ve gotten out of my system as a teen

I was a dull teenager. I didn’t really do that much. I didn’t hang out on street corners with dodgy boys drinking white cider, I left that to my sister (sorry Lou!)

Now I’m in my 30’s I’m really way too old to pull off all the teenage nonsense and there are some things I wish I’d done back then that I do feel like I’ve maybe missed out on! Can I tell you about some of them?

Experimented with clothes
I’m no style icon. We all know that. I still dress like Rachel Green stuck in a tartan skirt/jumper combo best left in the 90’s. I wish I’d have been a bit  braver when I was younger, not cared what people thought and developed my own style. I recently saw Me Before You. Other than the incessant weeping, the other thing I got from the film was the biggest sense of clothes envy ever. I loved Lou’s wardrobe in the movie. In fact I’m going to buy myself a pair of bumble bee tights, balls to it!!

Broken the rules
I was a bit of a goody two shoes, bloody love that phrase! as a kid (ask my siblings). I didn’t like getting into trouble. I liked being the good one. I never really crossed any lines or tested any boundaries. The most rebellious thing I ever did was to take my library books back late. Only kidding of course, I’d never take my library books back overdue, what kind of monster do you think I am?! It’s really too late to start with all the rule breaking now I’m a woman in her 30’s with 4 children in tow! I can’t but help feeling I missed out on the fun whilst I were down at the library. Maybe I can be a nightmarish old lady, get it out of my system.

Had a teenage crush
I never really got giddy over boys as a teen. Even when I did have a boyfriend I wasn’t over keen. I never scratched anyone’s name into my pencil case, never practised my signature with the object of my desires surname. None of it.Let me tell you it’s really quite unbecoming of a 39 year old woman to be smiling at her phone at a cute text like a loon!People must think I’m nuts!
Should definitely have gotten that out of my system before now. Now. Where’s my pencil case…

Gotten drunk and thrown up in my handbag
Now I’m not saying that I’ve never been crazy drunk. That would be a massive fib. I’ll not even claim I’m never had wine related vomiting incidents BUT I should definitely have done these as a 15 year old rather than a 39 year old.
A hangover at my age lasts at least 2 days and wipes out energy levels for near on a week. Kids and even the tiniest of hangovers as a combo is how I imagine Hell to be (probably with soft play as an added extra!) Really should’ve gotten hangovers out of the way when staying in bed with no one needing anything from me was an option.

So yes in hindsight there are things I should’ve gotten out of the way as a teen but being in your 30’s is pretty rock n roll too. I mean on a Saturday night when the kids are away,  come 7pm I’ll be in my pj’s, pizza on lap, merlot poured.Wild eh? !

Yeah I’ll leave the crazy to the teens, I’d not have been any good at it anyway!!

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51 thoughts on “Things I should’ve gotten out of my system as a teen

  1. Please get the bumble bee tights! I didn’t really go off the rails either but I wish I’d deviated from the traintracks just slightly. Nothing major, just a bit more casual sex and smoking. Jokes…. Thanks for linking to #Chucklemums, hope to see you next week!


  2. haha … Love this. I was a goodie two shoes in school, but ran with the cool kids out of school so I did some of the stuff on your list. I don’t think it made any difference in the long run though. lol

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  3. I was a very well behaved teenager but now go to parties until 3am, get far too drunk, dress in short skirts and stiletto boots and go clubbing (I’m 51 lol!) Life’s short…enjoy it to the max 🙂 I should add that I don’t look 51, I have great legs from years of ballet and my hubby comes with me! Hahaha! #TweensTeensBeyond

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  4. Oh Kelly I think life is too short for regrets and you still have loads of time to go out and be a wild child – if you so choose – and if you do it will be with the benefit of age and wisdom and loads of style! Meantime pjs, merlot, tv and pizza do it for me too. Thanks for joining us again. #TweensTeensBeyond

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  5. And me!! I seemed to spend all my time studying for O levels and then A levels. And I lived way out in the country so the opportunities to go wild were limited to say the least. I’m bringing my teen girls up in a city and that’s probably why I’m horrified about a lot of what they do!! Brilliant post, thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

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  6. I really loved this Kelly, there was so much warmth and many of your points made me really giggle. As a woman who didn’t marry until 35, I had a pretty good old time, although I was sensible and got on the property ladder too. I could never be described as a wild child though! No regrets but I’m very ready to keep on keeping on #tweensteensbeyond

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  7. I just do it anyway – I work on the theory my age is like a cloak of invisibility. Tho a lady came up to me at the Opera House and said ‘I know you. You’re the lady with the kick-ass stockings and skeleton handbag’ (we had the same slot at the local pool for kids lessons, tho our kids weren’t in the same class. I LOVE that description of me, and I LOVE even more I had a friend as a witness…#fortheloveofBLOG

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    1. I think so , the kids are getting older now , scope for turning 40 and going off the rails (in a sensible ,mature way)


  8. While reading this it got me thinking about if I have done what you hadn’t. *hands over face* I had done most of them. I was always a shy kid but once I hit my teens I think it all changed for me. There’s still time to tick them off your list though #fortheloveofBLOG

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  9. I did actually do quite a few of these things as a teenager, so maybe I wasn’t as boring as I thought! I had the urge to be rebellious but was painfully shy so couldn’t do much about it, although I confess to stealing notebooks from school and using them as diaries (how nerdy is that?) and I wore some awful combinations of clothing! #fortheloveofblog

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  10. omg we are the same person!! I swear I was born to be 30 and above. I had no idea how to be a kid – I loved working hard at school, I certainly couldn’t understand why girls would cry and scream at a poster on their wall and I had absolutely zero sass. I’m so pleased to be peaking during my midlife though – finally happy to be me (warts and all). Please start experimenting with fashion now – now is your time. I follow some incredible fashion bloggers – some who wear forward fashion, some chic, some whacky… find out whats your style! it’s time for you to do all the things you feel you have missed out on. There is no rules anymore – you can do and be what you want at any age! xx Maria

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  11. I look back and think that I was such a boring teen…then I read you post and I did everything on there you didn’t and a couple of other things (got a tattoo in my boyfriends bedroom aged 16!) I look back and wish I hadn’t. It doesn’t matter what age you have a wild time, but it’s not really all it’s cracked up to be, I prefer happy and peaceful.

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  12. unnily enough i was a very quiet , well behaved teen. Parents knw where i was and when i’d be home. A* pupil at school. no wild parties while parents were way. no piercings…/ At 50 I have pink hair, party all the time and am much more comfortable with my own style rather than the fashion. Growing old rocks ! #blogcrush x

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  13. Well, I must say I have never got drunk and vomited into a handbag. Not sure I ever wanted to do that as a teen either! As for clothes experimentation, you don’t want to see photographs of me when younger.

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  14. Hee hee, made me giggle! I have no dress sense from doing several jobs in uniform so I definitely wish I’d been more adventurous in my teens. As for alcoholic-induced vomiting and teenage crushes, don’t even go there. Maybe one day I’ll write a post…! #BlogCrush

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  15. I know these feelings! Possibly not the bumblebee tights, but nevertheless. There are still plenty of things that I like to do that a ‘grown adult’ shouldn’t – and why the hell not?! If it’s fun, do it. You’re never ‘too old’.

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  16. I totally relate to this – I was real goody two shoes too! And then I had grand plans to rebel a bit once I moved away from home to go university, but I got a chronic illness in my 2nd term so spent most of my uni days sipping mugs of tea under a blanket! (typical!). Maybe we should organise a “making up for lost time” weekend of chaos! Hahaha #blogcrush

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  17. I did all of those things as a teen, especially the boy crushes and mad clothes experiments and it’s all very overrated. Now I think I’m a very boring adult and your idea of a Saturday night sounds ideal to me, but I believe our kids made us that way, they forced us to stay in when they were babies. 😀 #blogcrush

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