The Art of Self Soothing

At a time where the country and the world feels a bit fragile and uncertain, when the weather is doing crazy things- is it Spring? Is it the Arctic? everyone seems to be ill and things just feel a bit, well… crap! It’s easy to slump and give in to misery but I am a big advocate of self soothing. Knowing what you can do to make yourself feel better and calm (if it’s at all possible ) is really all you can do.

I thought I’d share some of mine. The things that when life’s a bit rubbish just soothe the soul a bit!

A cup of tea in my fave mug

Chips by the sea

Waking to birdsong (I know this one isn’t something you can control but still lovely)

A sweet text that makes you smile at your phone

The sound of your child giggling – doubly so if you’re the one to have made them laugh

Re-reading an old, favourite book

Writing letters (receiving a handwritten letter is soul food too)
Getting straight into your pj’s the minute you get in after a rubbish day

Eating nostalgic, childhood meals (Heinz tomato soup for me)

Watching a weepy movie under a duvet

Ice cream, with flakes and squirty cream and sprinkles and sauce..

Laying in bed, listening to the rain


Long phonecalls with people who make your heart happy

I’m sure there are many more that will come to me over the next few days. What are your comforts?? What would you add to the list?

Agree with any of mine?


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