The teens are regressing…

Is this a phenomenon??

Or is it just my children?

I’ve bragged and boasted on this very blog about how it’s really lovely now the children are older. That they’re great company now and they sleep and even manage to toilet independently. I talk of how much hard work having 3 so close in age was when they were babies and toddlers and how lovely and calm it is now.

However (and it absolutely serves me right for being smug) the last couple of weeks we have been on the express train to bickersville and it seems we’re here to stay.

I am going to go nuts.

The teens can no longer sit on a sofa and watch TV together. Neither can we sit at the table and eat dinner in peace.
Board games evening is a battle I can no longer stand.


My teens really need to learn to turn the other cheek. They need to learn to keep their noses out of conversations that don’t concern them. They absolutely need to drop the obsession with having the final word.

As smaller kids eldest girl would watch her brothers doing a jigsaw and hide a piece in order to wind up the boys.
She now insists on singing through the football to get the same effect.

As younger kids they’d argue over who got to be scoop when playing with the Bob the Builder toys.
Now it’s the laptop.

“mum tell her /him” has made a comeback.

“I’d have been banned off the computer if I’d done that ” is a new one.

I’m turning into the stuck record mum I was 10 years ago
” stop doing that”
“don’t annoy your brothers”
“go to your room until you can be nice to everyone ”

I’m putting it down to being a phase and hoping it’ll pass as quickly as it began.

If anyone needs me I’ll be hiding in my room with a large glass of wine and reevaluating my effectiveness as a parent…..

2 thoughts on “The teens are regressing…

  1. Oooh it’s a tricky one isn’t it. My eldest two bicker like hell even though they’re 4&6! Enjoy your wine and know that this too shall pass! xx #Blogstravaganza

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