The rules of sister..

My sister is my favourite grown up in all the world. I wrote about why here. She’s my best friend and I really hope my daughters are as close when they’re older. We never really fall out, we speak at least once a day and we are really close.

I think the reason we get along so well is that we follow a few unwritten rules of sister. Except I’m just about to write them down I suppose so here they are anyway.

1) Spontaneous, random texts are necessary.
This morning my sister texted with memories of donkey derby she participated in aged 8. Some mornings she texts to let me know that she’s sat next to the world’s smelliest person on the bus!
They always make me smile!

2) We find one another (and ourselves) hilarious.
I’m not easily ‘got’. Most of the time I’ll be sat giggling at something funny I believe I’ve said only to look around and realise everyone thinks I’m a knob.
This never happens with my sister, phone calls occur where 10 minutes are spent with no words just us crying laughing at some nonsense or another.
I should at this point mention my brother who this point here also applies to. Now he THINKS he’s the funniest guy in town, but in reality without his straight guy (me) and dizzy little sister (her) to bounce off he’s lost if truth be told!

3) What happens drunk is never mentioned again.
No matter what nonsense occurs after a wine or two (or ten) in the cold, harsh light of day these shenanigans are NEVER mentioned again.
Never ever.
There are no ‘Oh do you remember last night when you…’
Nope. None of that.

4) We encourage one another.
I’m not talking the big, sensible grown up stuff here although I think we do that too.
A three word encouraging text of ‘Don’t judge me’ means let’s have wine on a school night. We encourage one another’s crazy new business venture ideas – I stand by my thoughts that she’d be a great private detective!
She was once so encouraging she had me believe my rendition of Nessun Dorma was nothing short of spectacular.
It’s the little nutty things that count. Let me take this opportunity to say her Johnny Vegas impression is a wonder.

5) We use insults as affection
To the outsider our trading of insults may come across as mean and horrid. It’s really just a declaration of love – honestly.
We don’t really do heartfelt in our family so ‘ your fat, ginger face is so annoying’ actually translates as ‘I miss your gorge, auburn haired face please visit soon’ or summat.. I once texted her ‘I love you’
Her reply?
‘Are you dying? ‘
Hey it works for us!

So there are some of our rules of sister. I’m kind of assuming all families have similar little quirks?? Please say yes!!
Either way, quite fond of that birdbrained dirt bag of mine!

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