💜💜Reasons I love Facebook.. 💜💜

I know social media gets a kicking at times, and rightly so on occasion. You’re always going to get idiots. I’ve felt the wrath of Male Rights Activists (I shit you not that’s an actual thing!) on Twitter but that was by far the tiny bit of nasty in the otherwise fantastic phenomenon that is social media (I mean how did we ever pass time on the bus without it)
I absolutely adore Facebook. Here’s why :

1) It cures my homesickness
I may have left Hull almost a decade ago but I still get the occasional homesickness pangs. I miss my niece and nephews , I fancy a pattie, I want to watch Look North… OK the last one not so much. Facebook is quite good here as the Hull Daily Mail will pop up on my timeline with the local news and I feel ‘in the loop’. Big occasions such as a big Hull City game or the rugby derby are great too as loads of my Facebook friends are chatting about the same thing. I like the ‘we’re all in it together’ vibe.

2)Keeping in touch
I’m a bit of a rubbish friend if truth be told. I’m awful at keeping in touch and texts and phonecalls but I promise that’s not because I don’t care. We all live such busy lives and being able to see people’s baby pics and hear of new jobs and weddings is really lovely. That I can comment on a status is really handy and though it may seem a bit lazy, when I like your pic or am writing you a message I’m saying I care, that I’m thinking of you.
I really will try to be better at the texts and phonecalls though.

3)It’s great for advice
Baby won’t sleep? Toddler won’t eat? Looking for a new dress? Book recommendation?
There’s always someone on your friends list who can help. I like that, it’s cosy.
Not long back I had a rush of anxiety and I felt so bad. I mentioned it on Facebook and my lovely friends came to the rescue with soothing words and reassurance and practical advice. You guys are the best!

4) Sibling baiting
There’s not much I enjoy more than a good Facebook bicker with my brother and sister. Unfortunately there’s something in the genes that results in a delusion that we are all bloody hilarious but it’s always good for a giggle. Usually ends with me being called a freaky geeky ginger ninja or similar but family time is family time and ssshh don’t tell them but they actually are quite funny.

5) Spying on exes
DON’T even try and tell me you’ve never done it!

6)Blog love
Since I published my little blog on Facebook everyone has been so lovely and supportive, I’m really grateful. No one has criticised my haphazard writing style or told me to hush with my ramblings and go away. It’s built my confidence and I really am going to work on my use of exclamation marks! (see? Just the one-progress)

7)Reconnecting with people
Always nice to come across someone on Facebook who for one reason or another you’ve lost touch with (see earlier bad friend statement) Sometimes people slip of the radar but you still think of them and wonder how they’re doing and thanks to Facebook you can find out.
Similarly, it’s nice when you’re ‘Facebook friends’ with people who maybe you didn’t know that we’ll but discover shared loves and experiences and new friendships develop.

On This Day
I know some people hate this. I get that. It’s always a shock when you’re bumbling along thinking you’re aging pretty well and looking quite good then a ‘7 years ago’ pic pops up, leaving you looking twice at how young you looked THEN!
It’s nice to look back and remember things you may have forgotten about though, things the kids have done, cute pics and the like.

So Facebook I do adore you. Yes you have your irritants but the majority of the time you make me smile and feel very happy that I can carry my friends and family about with me in my phone!!

2 thoughts on “💜💜Reasons I love Facebook.. 💜💜

  1. Ahh! I get the homesickness part. I am FB friends with a lot of people from my hometown and it is nice to see what they get up too. Moving further up the country I still have to put up with Look North! hehehe
    Yep I spy on my ex. I have to. He is my daughters dad…..I have found him saying one thing on FB and one to me. It is fabulous for catching him out on his lies. lol

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