I’m still not bored of Frozen.. I am Elsa!!

I should be bored of the movie Frozen. It’s on almost daily. If the movie isn’t playing, the songs are. Even when the songs aren’t on I usually wake up to them playing in my head, I find myself singing them and I don’t even mind. I’ve not gotten to the point of hiding the DVD as I did Smurfs 2 or Monsters Inc, just because I couldn’t handle watching them one more time.

I adore Frozen. Fell head over heels the first time littlest girl and I saw it at the cinema. The obvious draw was the feminist message. The distinct lack of prince sweeping in and saving the day was the best!. Combined with a story about sisters it’s going to be a winner with me! Also it’s a musical!! A fantastic musical, with really catchy, sing along able songs. Win win win. I love the sweet little snowman. The line ‘Some people are worth melting for’ still makes me sniffle (It was nothing short of a sob in the cinema). In the same way I still snigger at the ‘I want you to take me up the North Mountain’ line (grow up, I know)

I’m pretty sure though the thing I love most though is that I can identify totally with Elsa. I’m not a princess with magical icy powers of course (mores the pity). There’s a tiny chance though I do keep the majority of people at a comfortable distance , because getting close to me is generally more trouble than it’s worth.

Elsa is the more controlled, sensible big sister to her impulsive little sister… Tick! I’d probably have a word with my lil sis if she chose to marry a guy she’d only known for the length of time it took to sing a song. Though just to put it out there, I’d probably marry a guy on the spot should he hit me with a catchy duet like that as a courting ritual!!

The Ice Queen thing is something it has been pointed out to me as a character trait on more than one occasion. I’m not heartless or particularly cold I don’t think. People I love and care about I love fiercely and absolutely. I am though a bit rubbish with emotional intimacy . In fact I’m such hard work on that front it does take a certain person to persevere. (reason 7542 I’m still single!) I do worry about this particular character trait when it comes to finding Mr Right. It’s been said I give out a bit of a ‘keep your distance and under no circumstances fall for me’ vibe. Maybe I can work on that, soften the edges a little. Maybe I can recruit a gang of trolls to be my love experts?? I’m not overly concerned though. After all if Mr Right really is right it’ll all just click into place. The icy heart will thaw around the love of my life!

I’ll hope for that.

That eventually someone will tap into the emotional part of me , be patient and I’ll get to do some of the ‘love stuff’.

Until then, we’ll continue to watch Frozen. I’ll continue to covet Elsa’s dress and ice palace and be envious of the best ‘F*** you’ song ever ever!  I’ll continue to think that I’m her less princessy counterpart

Of course there’s always the possibility that Frozen combined with  years of parenting has shrunk my brain so much, that over thinking kids movies has become the only serious thinking I do.

Yep,  pretty sure that’s it!!!


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