A Love letter To Twitter….

Dear Twitter,

I bloody love you!

I don’t think it’s too soon to say that, we’ve been seeing each other on a regular basis for 4 years now. I was a bit late to the party, but before you I had another love – Facebook. I still see Facebook and I know you’re not going to get all jealous Twitter. You are secure enough to know where you stand with me. Past loves such as Myspace and the awfulness that was Friends Reunited, well I have nothing to do with those tossbags anymore. Some past loves are certainly better buried.

The thing I adore about you Twitter is, because I can choose who I follow here, I can surround myself with awesome people. People that, without you, I wouldn’t even know existed. You’re fab like that. You’ve introduced me to so many people. From inspirational feminists who revive my spirit to the people who love Strictly and Bake Off and I chat with about cakes and Mary and innuendo! I am a Bake Off fan. I look forward to Wednesday nights (no I don’t have a life you know THAT Twitter). Twitter is part of the Wednesday night enjoyment. Cake, Bake-Off and Twitter what a trio!

Some of the best people you’ve introduced me to Twitter are the normal women just like me. Women with normal lives, like me. Women with children who are often wondrous but sometime drive you to wine before 7pm .I adore these women. Some of them write about their stories to share with us. Maybe it’s the Nosy Parker in me that loves reading blogs so much. Maybe it’s the needy part of me who loves reading something and feeling reassured that ‘it’s not just me’.

Talking of needy, that’s another reason I heart you, and hard. You’re always there. Can’t sleep you’re there , feeling lonely and fed up because the kids are away and the best date I have is a bottle of Merlot and a tub of ice cream- you are there!! Loads of you are even doing the exact same thing.

You educate me too, and this is something I insist upon from a lover! I read articles I’d never have discovered because brilliant people point them out! There are so many cool, inspirational, like –minded, funny, smart people in the world and I would never get around to meeting all of them. So you collect them all and put them in my phone! You’re soooo clever (clever is hot to me!)

Sure, occasionally you let me down. I’ll see notifications and think yay!! Twitter loves me back! Then be disappointed to have received spam messages I don’t understand. Even worse, and this is harder to forgive Twitter, I’ll receive lewd messages or offers by men offering to show me the contents of their pants .I’m fine for penis thanks!!

Dick pics aside though- you rock!!

I bloody love you!!




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