Ah.. Summer… The daydream v the reality

It’s sunny today. Not just that, it’s actually warm too. Summer must be on it’s way. I bloody love summer, especially when school is out and I get the kids to myself in the sunshine and we all have so much fun making memories…. Or something like that in my giddy head anyway. Doesn’t always quite pan out that way…

Daydream: We’re all going to head out somewhere picturesque, we’re going to eat the yummiest of foods (made from scratch with my own fair hands of course). We’ll play football and cricket and have one of those days that shall be treasured forever.

Reality : Wasps. Spoilers of all picnics ever. You cannot enjoy the lovingly made yummy food when you’re having to jump up and run for your life every 5 minutes. Not to mention telling the kids to stay calm and not to flap whilst simultaneously flapping your arse off! Then working out how to dump the entire picnic in the bin so you can get indoors. Away from the outside, away from sunshine and away from the stripy insects of doom!

Daydream : I’m going to get a big tent and we’re going to spend our weekends under the stars. Good old fashioned family bonding time. No games consoles, no tablets just the kids and I and scrabble and chat.

Reality : I hate camping. How could I possibly forget how much I bloody hate bloody camping?! I like actual beds with actual pillows and an actual duvet. I love a real cooker and am very much a fan of roofs! Scrabble is shit too. I’ve lost to the 9 year old 3 times in a row now, I cannot cope with this. Did anyone pack the tablets?
Anyone know the WiFi code for this field???

Daydream : This one takes place just after Wimbledon usually. We’ll go play tennis all of us. Nice family game of tennis. Hair up in high ponytail, tennis dress on – let’s go. I reckon if we practice hard enough by the end of the summer we’ll all be borderline professionals and I’ll have legs like Sharapova!

Reality : “Mum. Tell him that was out”
“I’m not playing against her”
“It’s 40-30 NOT deuce”
“mum, tell her to serve properly ”
” I’m too hot ”
” I’m hungry”
“I’ve hurt my foot ”
… and STILL I don’t have Sharapova’s legs..

The beach
Daydream : I bloody love the beach. Kids playing on the sand, me sunbathing with a trashy mag. A stroll along the seafront with chips, maybe an ice cream. It’s going to be so lovely.

Reality : We live more than an hour train ride from the beach. Loads of bags, loads of kids, loads of stress and that’s just the journey. It’s OK though it’ll still be a lovely day.

Ah-unpack onto the sand- chuck a bucket and spade at the kids. Get out my magazine… relax…
Oh my, who just kicked sand in my eye?
Why is that football travelling towards my head at speed.
Oh and don’t even get me started about the wasps…

Do love summer though… Honestly !
Here’s to disastrous days and and pandemonium filled Picnics!!

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32 thoughts on “Ah.. Summer… The daydream v the reality

  1. Hahahaha!!! Brilliant! I LOVE the camping one. We are off to Wales in August and the last 2 years it has piddled with rain…why we are going back is beyond me, oh no, wiat, it’s so my husband can do mountain biking :-/ Men.
    This really made my giggle – I can replate to them all 😉
    Gems @ Life is Knutts


  2. Yep completely agree with everything you’ve said. Outside is all well and good until you mix in children then it’s just harder to herd them in one direction. And wasps. Who invited them anyway?? Thanks for linking up to #chucklemums!


  3. ah yes, I also don’t like it when it’s too sunny, or too windy. and it’s too cold in the shade. Sand gets everywhere and it’s so hard to get off, wasps are annoying but you’ve also got a million other flying bugs to contend with. I prefer the dreaming to reality any day.

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  4. I love summer too but I don’t like wasps! They certainly know how to spoil a picnic or a day out! The reality never quite lives up to the daydream does it? #sharingthebloglove

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lol. I always have lots of summer plans but they rarely work out. I love eating outside, but the OH won’t because of wasps, of which we don’t have many.

    We do go camping with a big group of friends – mums and kids. It’s fab, but we have electric hook ups and last time only did cooking for breakfast and the kids. Us adults had takeaway meals from the on campsite shop/takeaway restaurant! #sharingthebloglove

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  6. I’m a complete summer girl, but this is so true!!! We are going on our first family camping trip this year and I just know I’m not going to like the reality! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove


  7. Ha ha. But don’t you find that it is the things that go wrong that you remember? The year the tent blew down in the gale? The time everyone’s clothes got wet in the sea?

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  8. Hahaha this really made me smile! I love the beach too but it’s always way more hard work than I think it will be. Why don’t I learn!? #SharingtheBlogLove x


  9. I always imagined parenting to be full of fun day trips, picnic and visits to the park. The reality is much different. While we do go on plenty of mini adventures it nearly always ends in a danger nap or an explosive poo! #sharingthebloglove

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  10. I think that I am actually addicted to the sun, when I was working as a registered child minder, I would sit in it for most of the day, the children would play in the shade while I topped up my tan, happy days #blogtravizgander@_karendennis


  11. Agree, but that’s part of the fun and experience right? If everything was perfect every time, we wouldn’t be able to learn for next time. Whether it goes smoothly or end up in disaster, there’s no denying it was fun and memorable. #Blogstravaganza


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