We’ve done NOTHING this weekend… and I’m not even going to feel guilty

Bank holiday! Yay!
Family time!
Days out!
Visiting friends and family!
Getting to do all the fun stuff that life usually gets in the way of.

This weekend though we’ve done none of it. In fact we’ve left the house once all weekend and do you know what that was for? To take the kids the pub to watch Hull city and have lunch (lunch was only really involved as a bribe for the little one who couldn’t care less about football) That was our single journey out of the house.

Do you know something else too? We’ve not done any productive indoor stuff either like I usually do! Not a cake has been baked, not a craft table set up, not a board game played, not a hama bead tsunami to be witnessed.

Usually I’d be crippled with mum guilt about this, honestly I would. I’d be beating myself up about my slothful parenting and worrying what kind of emotional trauma I was causing my children by not creating Fun Family Time and everyone is going to think me the worse mum ever!

I’m not going to do that though. I’m not going to feel guilty that this once I’ve not filled my children’s hours with activities and projects. The kids have watched TV and movies, played on games consoles, read magazines and books, listened to music, played their guitars and generally just entertained themselves and each other.

Having 3 teenagers makes this doable. I’d never have gotten away with it from the younger versions of them who would utter ‘what are we doing today?’ as soon as they opened their eyes in a morning.

The little one, at almost 8 I have absolutely made a rod for my own back with. I certainly over entertain her. Usually before 9am we’ve jigsawed and painted and baked and squeezed in a couple games of scrabble. I’m unsure how I got into the habit of being her no. 1 toy but I do love our time and I know from the elder kids there’ll come a day where hanging out with mummy will hold no appeal so I’ll take every minute I can.

I certainly never remember my parents playing with my sister and I as kids so much. We certainly weren’t constantly occupied every second and we’re almost well rounded adults (she is anyway!)

So I’ll not apologise for our lazy weekend (even if I am a bit scared about what the little one will write about what she’s done with her weekend at school)

We’ve done nothing productive.
We’ve not made memories.
We’ve just hung about the house.

Everyone was happy, I didn’t hear “I’m bored” once and there was way less bickering than usual.
I’m calling that a win!


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