Signs I need to reduce family screen time!!

I’ve always been strict on screen time. Limited time a day, switch to reading before bedtime etc etc. I’ve been running discipline in this house with console bans for almost a decade. I’m probably too strict on it but I can’t really help that!

Some days though, when everyone is bickery and the teens can’t sit in the same room without a row screens are a bit of a sanity saver! Only recently I’ve probably let things slide a little, here are some signs screens are taking over the family. Maybe some of you (please don’t let it just be me?!) can identify.

The kids think they can pull the wool over mums eyes.
I tell teen girl tablets were meant to have been off ten minutes ago. She responds by telling me it’s OK though as she’s just reading a book on hers! Of course! If that book is called Chatting To Friends And Thinking Mum Is A Dimwit.

The phrase “two tics” becomes code for never.
When the boys are engrossed in Stupid Football Game (you may know it as Football Manager) the world continues around them, they’re just totally unaware. Calling into their room to ask them to do the tiniest task such as fetch the dirty washing will be with the phrase “OK mum, two tics” immediately to be forgotten about forever.

You put on a family movie and no one glances at the tv
I decide we’ll have some family movie time. Put on a film then glance across to see everyone sat looking at individual screens, not one pair of eyes on the big one with the movie… Sigh.

Games and reality blur
This is mainly a problem with Stupid Football Game. One of the boys will announce that Hull City have signed Jamie Vardy, for me to get excited until I realise they mean ON THE GAME!!

I begin to sound like my mam.
She would always question why I was phoning my friends the minute I walked in from school (remember when you actually used to speak to people on the actual phone! The landline at that!) I find myself using similar words to teen girl when she comes in and turns her tablet on to chat to the friends she left 5 mins ago. I say things like “what do you have to talk about? You’ve been together all day” Oh my!!

You communicate with people in the same house as you via screen. Usually goes like this.
I ask someone to put the kettle on. Nothing happens (or I’m told 2 tics).
I take photo of kettle (yes I know if I’m close enough to take pics I’m close enough to put it on myself but it’s a battle of wills now) Send pic to teens.
Still no response.
Send pic of my looking sad at an empty cup.
Someone rolls their eyes and says I should have just asked!!

So yes super strict screen time mum needs to make a comeback. Tell you something though, all these screens are very handy when you want to escape with a book for half an hour. Yes an actual book… NOT a Kindle either!


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