I need to stop whining the children are growing up…it’s really quite nice!!!

I think all parents at sometime lament the loss of the baby days. We talk of the children growing up too quickly, missing their baby and toddler days. Maybe missing the fact that ,as parents, we become less and less vital for the everyday things. Our babies learn how to walk alone and feed themselves , they dress themselves and don’t need a hand with brushing their teeth anymore.

I definitely miss having babies about the place. Baby snuggles are just the best and the whiff of that perfect newborn smell. Well it makes my brain send messages to my womb that makes it forget I have four children and we are definitely done with baby making!!I miss having toddlers and their cute inquisitive ways and their mispronunciation of words that are actually soooo sweet that you don’t correct it (that could just be me!!) I miss the pre school days and teaching them to read and do numbers and being so amazed at how fantastic they are at learning new skills.

My rose tinted view of those times of course come off the back of the luxury of having had years of uninterrupted sleep. Having not had to begin to get ready to leave the house 2 hours before you’re due to because of the sheer amount of stuff you have to lug about with you with babies. When I take time to remember the reality of having 3 children under 2 1/2 though, then it comes back. I don’t think I had a full nights sleep in 3 years. I was usually covered in sick or some kind of bodily fluid and I didn’t get 5 minutes to myself in so long. The constant relentless being in demand all the time. Yes..struggling to get nostalgic about that bit!!

The elder three are now 11,12 and 14.By no means grown up or even getting to that, but our family dynamics have changed now. I still have one little one as youngest girl is only 6.I enjoy being a mum of 4 ,I’m pleased to be doing it alone for the most part. As the children have grown they’ve all developed into their own people ,all different, all unique. They’re also now really quite good company. They’re good at conversation. Whether it’s eldest boy regaling me with tales of new scientific discoveries that I don’t quite understand or my youngest son’s football chat I just love that they like to talk with me. Eldest girl comes for a chat every evening about how her day at school has been, she’s only been at high school since September so she’s still full of enthusiasm.

We can also watch movies that don’t always include talking animals!!We now have a channels on the tv not just cbeebies! !Who’d have thought it?! We have discussions and not always about top 5 Doctor Who episodes ( though that is a firm favourite!!)We talk about the the big stuff too .I’m not a mum who doesn’t allow them to watch the news ,maybe I should have been,I want them to see that there are horrible things happen .I want them to feel the need to change that.We talk politics, about the up coming election,about what changes they think a government should make to the country.

Of course sometimes our discussions backfire.I have been pulled up by the boys for referring to Steve from Strictly as ‘hot Steve’ reminding me of my words about how women should not be objectified yet here I am doing just that to Steve.Bloody annoying when the little smart arses are right!!!

I’m really enjoying motherhood at the minute.I need to stop worrying about them all growing up , though I reckon I’ve about a year before I have 3 teenage types.I can see at that point I’ll be back craving baby days.Until then I need to stop looking back at the sweet babies I used to have and enjoy the company of 3 children who are discovering their world and themselves.


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