Am I enough???

I always expected my children not seeing much of their dad to be temporary thing

As time has passed though and it has become apparent that it wasn’t. I’m beginning to worry.Am I enough??

Is it enough to only have the attentions of one parent?

Is it enough to only be admired and adored by one person?

Is it enough to only have one parent’s take on the world , their opinions , their thoughts?

Is it enough to only be told how fantastic they are , how loved they are and how they can achieve anything by the one person.

Is it enough to only be pulled up if the tone they use to speak to people falls below a respectful level by the one person? Is it enough that only one voice will tell them off for sloppy table manners or leaving the bathroom in a state after their shower?

I’m not sure.

I worry that despite my low opinion of their dad (which I of course don’t express to them, I’m an expert in biting my tongue) a second parents views and opinions are maybe necessary to bring up well rounded children. My feminist , liberal views , do they need adding to with the opinions of another? Round off my edges?

I’m not entirely out here on my own of course,they’ve the best auntie in all the world and the most amazing grandparents who have taken over their sons contact with the children , we’ve littlest girls daddy. There are other people in the mix if they need them. Most of the time though they’ve just got me!

The other scary thing is that this situation makes me the main role model doesn’t it really? Well apart from the Hull City team and Doctor Who! I’m so dull! What am I promoting? The joys of fruit and nut and reality TV ??! That’s not how it works surely. I should be sailing single handedly  across the Atlantic or something as a role model but I’ve childcare issues. I can’t even have a bath without interruption some days , a sailing mission is unlikely! I did teach eldest teen the joys of taking a book into a bubble bath the other week though , that’s got to count ? 
Last week I watched Question Time with youngest teen…encouraging him to engage in politics is role model material right ? I also a make an awesome roast?? OK I’m clutching at straws now!

Thing is , I am just me , trying really really hard to be the best mum I can. Trying to be the wise old sage and the nurse and the teacher and the counsellor and the disciplinarian. I drop the ball often…documented right here on this blog, but what’s the alternative?? We don’t have one! I am just me , so I suppose I have to be enough.They’re kinda stuck with the ditzy , feminist , disorganised , annoying , bread making , chocolate eating , sofa snuggling mum!
I’ll have to do for now!

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