You inspire me.. A few words to eldest girl as she starts high school

* I wrote this a while back but thought maybe a good time of year to share again*

Dear S,
I cannot believe that you are starting high school next week. I wanted to just let you know how fantastic you are and how I really hope that 5 years of secondary school won’t erode away at your character.

You Inspire me. 

Every day. 

Your steadfast belief in right and wrong is beautiful. I admire that you yearn to step in when you feel injustice is being done. I apologise for that time in the shops, when the dad wouldn’t let his daughter have football stickers because they were ‘for boys’ and he made her get the Hello Kitty ones. I’m sorry I quick marched you out of the shop, but I saw the dangerous flicker of annoyance in your eyes, and I wasn’t brave enough to let you ask him why he did that.
I want you always to be bothered by injustice, I’d love you always to do whatever you possibly can to fight it. I want you to learn to channel it though. Sometimes confrontation is necessary if we see things happening around us which we know is wrong. Last year, when you told me how you’d had a word with your best friend after she called another one of your friends fat. I was so proud . It’s always so much harder to pull up a friend than it is a stranger.
Sometimes though, when you don’t like how a person behaves, confrontation is not always the way. 

You remember when the boy who was the football captain would never pass to you , and told you shouldn’t play, being a girl. I asked you how you responded to him and your reply was ‘won player of the match!’ Well sometimes that’s necessary. Auctions  really do speak louder than words.
Should you ever get it wrong though, always apologise. It’s a hard thing to do but it’s so necessary.
Another thing I’d say is,  never argue for arguments sake. Choose your battles carefully. Unwinnable ones?? Take a step back,  do some thinking, ask advice (if I’m annoying you that day your grandma is very wise about most things. Your auntie will be fab if it involves boys) and come back to it when you have a solution.

I love your dress sense. Your refusal to wear a skirt or dress is totally your choice and as time goes by, you may find a way to incorporate these items into your wardrobe. You’ve been choosing your own clothes since you were old enough to point your finger in a clothes shop. I am jealous that at 11 you’ve a far better sense of putting an outfit together than I have. Don’t ever feel you have to wear the same as everyone else. But if you choose to, that’s fine!

Sport is your thing,  rugby,  cross country, football. I can only imagine the new things you’ll try at your new school. I know that you are disappointed that there’s no girls football team, we’ll find a way around that. Your brothers know the school quite well by now I’m sure there’ll be a girls team before we know it!!

I just wanted to let you know that we all love you as you are, and I know how hard it can be to keep hold of yourself once you’re in a new environment. I hope you’ll manage to hang on tight to the important bits though. The world needs girls like you
Lots of love and kisses,
Mum xxxxxxx

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