The non negotiable list

One of my fave bloggers , the very glamorous Pouting in Heels wrote about the non negotiable list. Her post on the subject is here , the idea behind it being that we could all be a little happier if we just took a bit of time to decide what’s really important to us. How it can be empowering to decide certain things that we are not willing to compromise on.

I’ve been thinking the idea through for a while now , every now and then I catch myself doing something and think ‘ooo that’s one!’

Finally got them down though and here they are:

I will enjoy my book habit and not feel guilty about it

I spend an awful lot of time talking about books , reading books or deciding what books to look at next. My enthusiasm though is never dented more than when the phrase “I wish I had the time to read” is uttered. It basically means put the book down and do something productive you lazy cow. No more will I feel guilty for taking time to immerse myself in something that makes me happy , relaxes me and keeps me on the right side of sane.

I’ll only get involved in a relationship when Mr Perfect (for me) comes along

I’ve been single more than 8 years. It’s going to take someone amazing to change that. I wrote here about how my next boyfriend is going to have to be something special. The thing is I’m 36 with 4 children and one long abusive relationship behind me. I’m unwilling to waste my precious free time with Mr ‘he’ll do’. Maybe you’re wondering how do I know that Mr ‘he’ll do’ won’t turn into Mr Perfect. Every relationship I’ve ever gotten into has begun that way. I’ve dated guys who’ve grown on me over time. No thunderclaps , no tummy butterflies , no hot bedroom action. Just ok.

I’m not doing that again.

No way.

I’m keeping Friday wine and fruit and nut night

Friday wine has become something of a tradition with my sister and I. Wine , a long phone call , the occasional quiz or group karaoke session (yes that’s how my sis gets her kicks too , she’s not as cool as you all think!) I look forward to it , it makes me happy and it’s staying. When afore mentioned Mr Perfect (eventually) turns up , he can know that of a Friday he needs Merlot in one hand and chocolate in the other to get over the doorstep.

No 3rd chances

I’m a bit of a doormat really when it comes to the crunch. Even if people upset or annoy me I’m quite a forgiving soul and usually will get over it in about half hour. It occurs to me though that that just encourages people to not treat you as well as they should. So I’m happy to give everyone a second chance ( I’ve certainly had enough of those myself) It ends there though. If you choose to continue to treat me like a knob that’s it. No 3rd chances.

My blog

I like writing it , it’s cheaper than therapy and it’s my tiny part of the universe to air my thoughts. Even if no one ever read it again I’d still write it. It’s my thing.

I’ll always have a selection of crisps in

My tv snack of choice is crisps , I’m not overly picky either. From Space Raiders to Frazzles crisps are my evening company. This may not be brilliant for my figure but I’m not going to beat myself up about wobbly thighs if it means sacrificing my hula hoops.

I feel good just having written these down , you know.

Give it a go? Share them with me , I’d love to know what yours are ( I’m a nosy parker)

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Mummy Times Two

Mummy Times Two

8 thoughts on “The non negotiable list

  1. Hey – I read the blog! I might have to steal this idea. Could be difficult for me to do though – I can’t really think of anything non-negotiable :/


    1. Me too, this list was good for me on that front. I’m way too apologetic for doing things I enjoy! Look forward to reading yours should you get around to it!!

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  2. Oooo I love this idea, you’ve got me thinking now what my non-negotiable would be. I also totally agree about Mr Right, on,y the Right one is worth bothering with, otherwise chocolate is a much better answer. Thank you for sharing this list with us at #PostsFromTheHeart

    Liked by 1 person

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