I (temporarily) cured sibling bickering

Yesterday started badly.

It was a bickering kind of a day. From the second the elder three children got up , the arguing started. It was serious stuff too , I may call it bickering but what do I know? . It was huge earth shattering issues that were causing all the fuss.

“He’s taking up too much space on the sofa”

“She’s sitting on the edge of the blanket”

“He’s deleted the programmes I taped ON PURPOSE”

“Tell her to stop breathing so loudly”

“Tell him to stop looking at me”

“She just kicked me!”

You know the drill , non stop bickering . The kind that makes me just want to head to my bedroom shut the door and leave them to (quietly) fight to the death.

Of course that would be irresponsible parenting etc etc etc….so you’ve got to attempt to sort it out , what with me being the sensible grown up blah blah blah…Why does that always have to be me??!!

Attempting to mediate the situation then means the bickering and bad feeling turns on me

“You always stick up for him”

“She never gets told off….FOR ANYTHING”

“I’d have gotten sent to my bedroom had I done that”

Again , mind scrambling nonsense.

Usually in this situation my solution is put them each in separate rooms with various tablets , TV’s and games consoles.When I use this tactic I end up feeling terribly guilty that I pack them off with screens for an easy life and then spend hours beating myself up about it. End result being a quiet couple of hours followed by all encompassing mum guilt that lasts the rest of the day.

Yesterday I tried a new tactic.

“Right!” I raised my voice over the arguing.

“Shoes and coats on”

Arguing stopped.Instead it was replaced by ‘Whhhyyysss?’ and’ do we have to?’ and ‘we’re not going to Sainsburys are we?

We hopped on the train to Buxton  . I do like where we live it’s close enough to central Manchester to take advantage of all the great things a big city has to offer , but also hop on a train and in 30 mins you are up in the hills and green fields. Yesterday there was even snow!

I knew heading into the country would cheer me up , always does.My dream to live in the countryside with a little tea shoppe is still the top of the 10 year plan!!! I expected moaning from the kids though , especially the boys who find a choice between a walk and FIFA on the PlayStation an absolute no brainer.

There was very little moaning though , we walked or a good few hours, longer than I thought they’d manage. We chatted and we laughed and we walked.They took turns with my camera taking pics.It turned out to be a really nice day.

I know I am a bit lazy sometimes and I do let them play on their consoles etc for an hour too long or we stay in of a Sunday because it means I can get stuff done around the house or even sneak half an hour with a cuppa and a book.

I’m going to make a concerted effort though from now.To get our coats on and head out , whatever the weather. It’s good for us all .

Do you know something else as well? When we got in everyone was way too tired to bicker??


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