I love that my little girl has a female sporting hero…and that it’s her sister

My eldest daughter is the sporty member of the family. This week alone she has a rugby match and a rounders tournament as well as badminton club! Since she started high school and has seen how many different sports are available to her she seems to have made it her mission to try every one.

They’ve not all stuck , all the sports she’s tried. She hated rhythmic gymnastics and cricket got short shrift too. She seems to have preference for team games , rough ones at that. She’s definitely a contact sport kind of girl. I have nothing but admiration and pride for her dedication to sport. It’s not something her elder brothers ever did , they love sport but are more the spectator type.

Littlest girl is different again. In something that amuses me no end she refuses to watch any kind of football unless it’s ‘girls’ football. We were lucky enough to go to a few women’s matches during the 2012 Olympics , she was only 4 then but it seems to have stuck. She’s enjoying watching the women’s world cup with us which is great..

Other than that though , the little one is very much a dance and rhythmic gym girl. She recently won her very first medal and it is her pride and joy.

We were talking about sport and which women in sport we admire . For Christmas when she was 4 she got the Olympics box set. She watches it still now , it really captured her imagination, and there are so many women she picks out as her favourites . Then she turned to me with such a thoughtful look on her face and declared that when she grows up she’d like to be like her big sister (an idol at 12 years old) because she’s not good at just one sport but lots , and because she has so many medals.

My heart flipped…. I thought what a lovely sentiment. She looks up to her big sister how lovely.

Then she finished her gorgeously sweet chat with “but when I’m her age I’ll have the most medals”

Ah healthy competition , the key to all success!!


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