I encourage feminist daughters , but I need my sons to join in

I think I harp on enough about how I want my daughters to strive for the very top , trampling every sexist barrier in their way. I’ve written posts (here if you fancy) about how I’m aware they’re always going to have to shout that bit louder to be heard.

What about my sons though?

Well I want them to join in too.

I know my critics worry I’ll raise ‘soft’ boys. Than my banning violent video games in the house means I’m somewhat inhibiting their freedom to use mindless aggression.

That by teaching them not to objectify women and to be respectful is impeding their masculinity.

That by , in the same way as my daughters, encouraging them to write and to bake and to be creative ensures that they’ll never become ‘real men’

Well that’s fine by us.

Gloria Steinhem , a feminist I greatly admire said that

“We’ve begun to raise our daughters more like sons…but few have the courage to raise our sons more like daughters”

You see what I wish for , for my sons, is the same as what I wish for my daughters. The only difference is that simply being male , the boys already have a head start.

I’m in no way of course that saying every person born with a penis is privileged. You’d only have to walk through any town centre of a cold night and witness the deprivation and homelessness of many, many men.What I am saying though is men already have a big leg up in society. I want my sons to use their privilege well,

I want my sons to stand up against inequality , as I do my daughters.

I want my sons to do all they can to help those worse off than them, as I do my daughters.

I want my sons to view the bigger picture and not think that anything not happening on their doorstep doesn’t concern them ,as I do  my daughters

I want my sons , as adults , to call out their male peers if they see sexism and misogyny. I fear my daughters would put themselves in danger if they were to do the same.

That’s where my problem lies.

I want to send good , caring , empathetic adults out into the world who want to make that world a better place.

I don’t think that’s a feminist thing. I just think it’s a human thing.


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