A few suggestions to my children for THEIR new years resolutions….

Hi kids ,

Now you are aware I adore you.  I think that you are the most funny , fabulous, wonderful children in the world. I really do. If you were thinking of making new years resolutions though , I thought I’d give a hint or two. Keep in mind I think you are perfect exactly the way you are but if you insist on joining in the silly ritual let’s make them useful eh? We both know that the keeping your rooms tidy one will last a week so let’s ditch that from the off.

To my fabulous firstborn,

I love the way we can have intelligent conversation. I love the way you’ve an interest in the world around you and the injustice that goes on. I am so proud of the effort you put into your school work and your Duke of Edinburgh….I was just wondering if maybe you could take an equal interest in little jobs round the house. The world literally around you , the injustice of mum having to do EVERYTHING. Let’s do all in our power to challenge such injustice so maybe , as a new years resolution , you and I can come up with a rota for us all for those annoying little jobs.

To youngest boy

You’re so very creative . I love reading your writing. I’ll be amazed if your ambition to become a top notch journalist or award winning novelist don’t come off and because I love you so much I won’t even be jealous!!!Your highly organised box of notebooks and journals impress me greatly. The folders you have which contain the series of picture books you wrote when you were 7 or 8 show such organisation I can’t fail to be impressed. I just thought maybe if you insist on making a resolution you could transfer some of these organisational skills to your school bag? What do you reckon? When I ask every night if you’ve done your homework and packed your bag and you smile your adorable smile and tell me of course.Let’s make it true?????A mere suggestion of course.

To eldest girl,

I am so proud of the girl you are. I love how you stand up for what you believe in. I couldn’t have been have been prouder earlier this month when you called out the ‘She belongs to me’ lyrics in that One Direction song your sister insists on singing all the time. Filled me full of joy!! I love that you challenge ideas and concepts that you believe are wrong.I do really wish I could be a little more like you. I was just wondering  , and of course you are free to reject the idea,how about we resolve not to pick your brothers up on EVERYTHING they do wrong? Novel concept eh? Just think though if you saved up all the picking up on the little things (the neatness of their room , that they took odd socks to grandmas , that they bought sweets on way home from school) how much energy you would have to challenge the big things (them leaving the toilet seat up) I’ll leave that thought with you.

To youngest girl

You know how much I enjoy snuggling up with you on the sofa for one of our movie afternoons. You are the best cuddler I know and have exquisite taste in movie snacks. Our Frozen sing- a- longs are a thing of magnificence , I am sure of it. When they are casting for the stage show , you and I MUST be in the running (I’ll even let you be Elsa). The thing is I think there are so many other really fantastic movies out there that you’d love equally if you just dropped your policy of refusing to watch films you’ve never seen before. What do you think if we maybe once a fortnight  snuggle up and watch a brand new film? Go on give it a go…those chipmunks are really beginning to drive me nuts!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR kids …Can’t wait to explore a brand new year with you all , and if you’ve any suggestions for resolutions for me feel free to let me know them  Errrmmm…keep them to yourselves!!

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