Some days…

I can’t be the only one to feel like this but don’t you find social media adds pressure to being a parent?

So much of our life is documented out there. I really don’t think this is a bad thing either I must firstly say. I love social media. (My name is Kelly and one of the first things I do in a morning is check Facebook and Twitter)

There is always that underlying feeling that everyone is doing a better job than you, at parenting, at just being a human sometimes.

I love looking at everyone’s pics of Christmasses and birthdays and family hols, seeing their little people grow. I just have to remind myself this is the edited version of their lives before I crucify myself over the fact we’ve NEVER done Elf on the Shelf. My poor deprived children! The whole beauty of social media I suppose is that we can put ‘out there’ the life we choose to!

Parenting is tricky enough without worrying that you’re not matching up to everyone else. Some days just aren’t parenting perfection.

Some days are rough, but they’re real.

Some days it’s a chippy for tea because I actually can’t be bothered to even think about what to cook for tea, let alone actually cook it.

Some days the answer to the teens “can I wear odd socks?” as they rush past on the way to school is “as long as you don’t have PE”

Some days I hide in my room with my head under the duvet just to get some peace from the chaos.

Some days I tell small girl the park is shut because I simply don’t have another park visit in me.

Some days I forget about computer time limits because the boys are quiet and bringing the elder 3 all in the same room means bickering.

Some days I pour a glass of wine at 6pm, just to look at, as an incentive to get through the witching hours of 6-7:30.

…and all that’s OK.

No matter what we claim on social media, I believe every parent has ‘those days’

Raising humans is hard.

Really bloody hard.

Worth it though.
Worth it for the other days.

Other days I love sitting round the table, chatting over the dinner I’ve cooked from scratch.

Other days little girl and I have jigsawed, had 3 games of Scrabble, made a play-doh cafe and baked a cake before 8am and loved every minute.

Other days the computers are off, we have a board games day and there’s not a crossed word (unless I lose)

Some days we have the most lovely days out and we smile and laugh all day.

These are probably the days I write Facebook status or tweet about and post pics of. I’m as guilty as anyone of editing us – maybe I should be a little more real?

Mind you, I really don’t think anyone needs to hear about my arguing teens, tantruming small girl or hear about my kitchen disasters.
People have all that going on in their own homes don’t they??


One thought on “Some days…

  1. Oh, take no notice of other people on the internet. Social networks are a huge pissing competition. I took Facebook off my phone some time ago for exactly that reason.

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