In the age of The Comeback, I’m thinking of bringing back 90’s party me!!

All the good stuff from the 90’s seems to be making a comeback right now. X files, All Saints, Twin peaks??!!Hmmm.. So I’m thinking of getting my 90’s party girl crew together for a comeback of our own.

We had so much fun … I’m sure it’s merely coincidence that this was a pre-children era!

Surely 90’s partying has to beat mum partying??

90’s me: Would prep for a night out all day! Toss about in my dressing gown with a face mask on, hairshine treatment on the hair, maybe a wash in wash out colour if we we’re taking risks. Line stomach around 5ish (slice of toast) and be out by 7 o clock.

Mum me: Going out prep is actually washing my hair rather than relying on dry shampoo. Sighing at the wardrobe packed with clothes that will NEVER fit me again (seriously Kelly, those size 8 trousers, whilst beautiful and crazily expensive will never fit your arse, give them to charity shop and stop torturing yourself)
Down a glass of wine to get into the party spirit and out you go, giddy with excitement at getting to actually go out with grown ups!

90’s me: Was the height of fashion. Cropped trousers, platform heels, a boob tube (90’s me did not realise quite how envious her future self would be looking back at pics in said boob tube) I would run bright red hair mascara though my hair then press stud plastic jewels in (sorry hair) and skip off out!

Mum me: has around 3 outfits fit to be seen ‘out’ in. Mum me though is wise enough to know the key to these outfits is to pull a waist out of nowhere (thanks Gok). I resist the urge to pop a pair of flats in my handbag for when the heels start to hurt.

90’s me: Was a very frugal drinker. We knew exactly which bars had bottles of Metz and Castaway at buy one get one free and which pubs you could get a taboo and lemonade for £1.

Mum me: buys over priced drinks because I’M OUT!!! I’m excited and giddy to be free of mummy!
Mum me tells herself she will take it easy because she can’t afford to feel rough in the morning when the kids will be back at 9.
Mum me lies to herself.

90’s me: Would be clubbing until they turned out the lights. Come on, why would you stop dancing when the treat of tunes such as Cher’s Believe were on offer. We’d dance all night long (that kind of exercise probably explains how we could rock the boob tube) We’d pick up a kebab to eat in the taxi office in the knowledge we’d be in there an hour at least. Was OK though, you always made friends in the taxi office, it had a real drunken community feel! If there wasn’t at least one fight, 3 crying girls and someone vomiting at the door it just wasn’t a night out!

Mum me: After a few cocktails, a bit of a dance and a think about why they have to play the music soooo loud?! I’m on the way home, calling a takeaway en route to eat whilst catching up on whichever trashy TV I’ve missed with a bottle of wine.

90’s me: Never got a hangover. In fact I had never had a hangover until after the children came along. The other way around would be much kinder! After getting home around 3, I’d be up and at work for 7am bright and breezy. Work till 7pm then get back out getting ready in the work loo.

Mum me: Regrets that bottle of wine I had when I got in the second I open my eyes. I persuade the kids to have a movie day and lay on the sofa, dozing to the background of chipmunks and the like.

Hmmm, thinking about it maybe the comeback will have to wait, it sounds exhausting. Besides syncing babysitters is somewhat of a rarity. Maybe we’ll just have a one off comeback night in the future instead. We’ll hair mascara up, crack open the Hooch (that’s made a comeback too but not the apple one which is a shame) and head out on the  one night only comeback gig.
We’ll probably leave the boobtubes at home though.




15 thoughts on “In the age of The Comeback, I’m thinking of bringing back 90’s party me!!

  1. Twin Peaks takes me back to some all nighters. Well the theme tune at least which was stuck on CD repeat while the BF and i were in Ugandan discussions next door. I never experienced the joys of the the taxi office and feel i’ve really missed out now. Do you think its too late to go to one now before pick up and just sit there with a cuppa for a while? Loved your reminiscences. Jo #chucklemums


  2. I think the main difference of the ‘me’ of the 90s and me now is that I’m 20 years old. Even if I didn’t have kids I’m not sure the boob tube is a good look for a respectable (?!) 30something.

    I’ve actually heard Cher’s Believe twice this week, on the radio and in a kareoke bar. So now it’s in my head for good, thanks for that 😉

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    1. Ha ha that’s a very good point. 36 in a book tube… I’d have turned into one of the old ladies we used to laugh at in the clubs back then!!!


  3. Love this! I had actually forgotten that ‘preparing to go out’ was even a thing. I used to start mid afternoon on a Saturday! Now it is ten mins before I leave with a toddler climbing my egs hahah #blogcrush

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  4. Brilliant! Age and motherhood certainly changes us. I prefer a nice glass of wine and a gossip with a friend to a big night out these days. It has to be nice wine, but because I only buy one bottle rather than 3 and only go out once a month rather than 3 times a week, I can afford it.

    Thanks for making me your #blogcrush this week.

    Pen x

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