The Boyfriend Questionaire

My 12 year old son told me that should I get a boyfriend he would have to fill in a questionnaire so that the kids could check if he was worth having around occasionally. It made me giggle, but also made me think.  I’m finding the sitting on my bum waiting for Mr Perfect to find me isn’t working brilliantly. Maybe my sons questionnaire plan isn’t a bad idea. I’m not suggesting mass mail out of the boyfriend questionaire and zoning in on the guy with top marks (pro active that would be mind you!) Dating is a long winded, time consuming business though. So maybe if you can establish the basics first, it’ll save time.

My sons questionaire consisted of mainly Doctor Who and football questions. Though I was proud he was going to open with whether I’d be expected to change my name should potential boyfriend get to marrying me. Should the answer have been yes there was little point in going any further (and I always thought they didn’t listen once I got on my feminist soapbox).

My questions would be more of a yes/no type ticklist affair. There’d be the obvious basics of
Are you single?
Do you like kids?
Do you smell nice?
I’m thinking we’d definitely be expecting a 3/3 yes on this section.We could then take things a step further, a little more deep and complex.

Can you do amazing kissing?

Are you a sleep smotherer? (cuddler.. Whatever!!)

Do you think flowers are an acceptable birthday gift?

Can you spell?

Do you have interesting tales to tell at 3am after a couple of bottles of wine??

Are you interested in watching political type programmes such as Newsnight and Question Time?

Are you equally happy to watch total shit on telly with me over a bowl of hula hoops (beef flavour obvs)

So what do you reckon? Perfect boyfriend finding plan? I think it maybe gives away a bit too much about my odd quirks than it does find Mr Right. Maybe a teeny bit specific and demanding also for a woman in her mid 30’s who is disorganised, messy, has occasional,brief trips to the other side of sane, has a load of children and talks too much.

I’ll keep it handy in case Mr Perfect does turn up on the doorstep though.


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