I have this little sister…

I have this little sister , Laura

She is small(er than me) and very funny.
I’m sister-sick at the minute. I only live 2 and a half hours away from her, but when I am desperate for a chat and a cuppa it seems much further.

My sister is my favourite grown up on the whole planet. I adore her in a way I never have another adult .

We didn’t used to get on, we did the teenager hating stuff. I was the goody two shoes to her more teenagey teenager.I’d be the one telling mum she’d been drinking or hanging out with boys (I know I know…I was an arse!!)

Our parents had both passed away by the time my little sister was 16 so we had to put the teenage behaviour on hold. Grow up a bit and realise that we were stuck with one another. When my mum was first diagnosed with cancer, her first tears were shed worrying what we would do if she died because ”you hate each other”. Over the next few years we got to know each other better,spent much more time together and realised that actually we did get along ok.

Becoming mums seemed to seal the deal really. When my eldest was born, we were still living together in our mums house and she was always on hand to help out. I’d often, when he was a newborn, go into her room hand him over and go grab a couple of hours sleep. It was a sanity saver.
I’d like to think I’ve been a good sister.That I’ve been on the end of the phone when needed , that I’ve stepped up to auntie duties.

My sister though did the hugest thing for me by letting me move away.  She never made me feel bad for moving,  for us not seeing each other as much. She is so  supportive of what is right for me that it takes my breath away.
My sister is my best friend. We speak daily and when we do get together I laugh so much more, I love so much more and I am so much more. She is the link to our parents, we can share old family giggles and ponder what our parents would have thought of us and how different things may be if they were still here. She is an amazing auntie, playing the good cop to my bad.I adore the woman and trust her with my life and that’s a pretty good feeling.

She has done more for me than she will ever know and as a bonus extra she plays by the rule of drunk.You know the one ? No matter what you get up to whilst drunk it is NEVER mentioned the next day.

If I could clone her I’d give a copy to every one of you , but I’m not sharing my one!

Most importantly, she doesn’t read my blog. We don’t really do serious and heartfelt her and I. So I’m safe to say I have the best sister ever and not be called a softarse!!

Edit:She does read it now… but balls to it… Love her I do!!!

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