Toddlers?? Teenagers ?? Same old same old!!

Once upon a time I was mum to 3 children under 3, or to be accurate 3 under 2 and a half (and I’m still here to tell the tale!) It was the hardest work I have EVER done , in any capacity. How we as parents manage to keep things ticking over whilst that exhausted , in hindsight , is nothing short of a minor miracle (I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cbeebies and rusks for the part they played)….usually soothing me whilst the madness was taking place.

When people would sit next to us on the bus (only happened if there were literally no other seats , people avoided the wild eyed woman with a double buggy and a baby strapped to her that looked as though she’d not seen a hairbrush in weeks) When some one did sit by us though this was the most popular conversation.

Stranger: Are they all yours??

Me: Think so ,  I’ve lost count! ( too tired for small talk)

Stranger: How old?

Me: 3 , 18 months and 6 months.

Stranger: Well if you think it’s hard work now , just wait until they’re teenagers!!

I used to wonder how true this could be. I mean teenagers slept all the time, didn’t they???

Now we’re at the three teenager household time.With a 19,17 and 16 year old I’m discovering that the  teenage years are remarkably similar to the toddler times.

The Mess

With toddlers you attempt to teach to put one toy away before getting something else out , repeatedly  day after day with limited success. Same applies with the teenagers. They can bring  a cup out of their room (applauds) but why put it next to the sink rather than in it…you’ve gotten almost can do that last little bit surely….same goes for dirty washing and the wash basket.

They ask questions I cannot answer

Used to be things like ‘ How many spiders are in the world?’ or ‘How many bricks do you need to build a house?’. It’s progressed slightly ‘ If you pushed a swing in space , what would happen?’ These days we can refer to the second parent in our house – Google!! The toddler days were reliant on how imaginative mummy was feeling!

They refuse to acknowledge tiredness

I remember one time I was around a childless friend , youngest boy was having one of those over tired toddler meltdowns. My friend asked what on earth was wrong with him. I replied that he was tired. “Why doesn’t he just go to sleep then?” asked my friend!

Good question!

If the boys don’t have enough sleep now  they will be grumpy and irritable all day. Should I suggest an early night though they will insist they are absolutely fine then continue to yawn and grouch till I inevitably end up sending them to bed.

They are obsessive

When they were little they loved Bob the Builder…so every time they sneakily introduced a new machine ( I have not forgiven you Snowed Under)the boys would stroke it as they went passed it in the toy shop , their eyes turning love heart shaped in adoration for a new vehicle, the one that would complete their collection. Until the next one came out of course (Sunflower Valley you did a right number on us).The focus of their love has changed and it’s now all Hull City or Doctor Who or that stupid bloody Football Manager game  when they love , they love hard!!!

They’re accidentally offensive

The cringey no filter of the toddler mouth was always dangerous in public

“Mummy that lady smells”

“Mummy that man is picking his nose”

“Why is that man so fat mummy?”

Thankfully we have learned to think before we speak though we still suffer the occasional slip up , invariably at my expense. “Mum I think that skirt isn’t your size , it’s too short”

I’m enjoying this stage in parenting though, as much as I occasionally crave the little , sleepy , milk-drunk faces (womb ache alert!!!) They are becoming quite good company!

AND everyone can wipe their own bottoms now!!! Result!!

The Mum Conundrum





26 thoughts on “Toddlers?? Teenagers ?? Same old same old!!

  1. I’m really not looking forward to this stage at all. My eldest is only 3 yet asks really hard questions that only Mr google can answer or weird ones like “can i stay over aims house tonight?” or “what’s jane doing today?” argh….hashtag don’t care!
    and please tell me teens do sleep at some point right? I’ve been clinging on to this dream for three years!! #Chucklemums


    1. They do sleep yay!! Eldest has never once had a lie in though whilst teen girl you don’t see until half ten of a weekend! There is a time where you can go to bed knowing no one will call you during the night I promise!!


  2. When I was a registered child minder, I was once asked if I would mind being asked a personal question, she then asked me how many children do you have? To which I replied, 4 but I am a child minder, the lady went red and said that explains a lot ( they couldn’t have all been mine, it wouldn’t be physically possible!) #teentweensandbeyind@_karendennis


  3. The cup next to the sink or above the dishwasher is such a regular feature in our house. It drives me totally nuts. And the tiredness one is hysterical. My eldest is the worst for never being able to get up yet will never contemplate an early night unless he has been out until the early hours the night before. Where would we be without them? Thanks for joining us. #TweensTeensBeyond

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  4. Ha ha ha I’ve been thinking the exact same thoughts with my tweens turning eleven soon. Toddlers and Teens are so alike. The mess and the sleep!! I loved how clueless your friend was when she said Why don’t they sleep if they’re tired. if only it were that easy!!!

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  5. Having two girls with a huge gap between them, the thought of having to cope with more than one toddler or teen at a time is a nightmare! Glad to hear they’re becoming good company though – hope they carry on being as they grow older.

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  6. Haha … how hard can it be to put a dirty cup INTO the dishwasher!! I have to do this it seems very time with my 13-year-old boy. It’s like he becomes a a goldfish when it comes to domestic stuff … has to be told as if for the first time every time!!! Like if they don’t do as we say but do as we do, how come it doesn’t stretch to cleaning up, loading dishwashers, cooking etc!!! #DreamTeam

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  7. Hat’s off to you for coping with three so close together. Empathise a lot and think anyone who manages the 2 under 2 gig is amazing. My mum told me she found that so hard and so did I. She also told me problems with children get bigger the bigger they get. However, I think I prefer parenting teens as better company but then again I can feel a pang for the magic that comes with smaller ones too. Great post and love your comparisons #DreamTeam

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  8. Great post – can identify with so much … like that putting the bowl on the sink … a metre from the actual dishwasher!!! And the accidentally/incidentally offensive … our 13-year-old boy just the other night looked at his Mum, and her lovely soft light pink coat with the spangly bits on the huge lapels, and asked, all innocence, why was she wearing a dressing gown. And her about to go put, delighted with her new coat!!! #ItsOK

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  9. Can definitely relate as I am entering the teenage phase too. I like this phase although it comes with some parenting challenges. I suppose our parenting style changes from when they were babies and toddlers to raising them for adulthood #itsok

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  10. Oh boy right now they are 4 and 2 so this is a bit away for me but it still fills me with dread. And the thing is I know my husband is dreading it even more because we have two girls and he is already anticipating the fact that he won’t have a clue how to handle them once the hormones kick in. He is relying on me to carry him through! Should be fun! #itsok


  11. I consider the moment they could both wipe their own bums to be a major milestone. Now that my step-daughter (15) is living with us, I can 100% agree with everything on this list. What is it with the hoarding of dirty laundry and cups in their rooms? I just don’t get it! Thanks for linking up to the #ItsOK Linky. Hope to see you back next week.


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