You say weird…. I say erm… quirky

It has been brought to my attention by those who love me most of all that some of my little habits strike them as a bit odd.

Now I reckon that we all have our little ways that the outside world would find a little odd. My siblings use the word freaky (however I’m not the one who can be sent into a spin by the tea,  sugar and coffee containers being in the ‘wrong’ order)

I thought I’d share a few of my little quirks, in the hope that I’m not the only one who does them and if I am… Well that other people have their own (hopefully even more) peculiar habits.

The Baked Bean rule
If my children are going to nag for baked beans, they are more than aware that one of them has to wash up the pan. Is it just me that is totally freaked out by the disgusting little things?? Just writing about them is making my stomach churn so we’ll leave that one there. Though it goes without saying… If anyone doesn’t scrape the plate properly and one ends up in the washing up bowl and I delve my hand in… Urgh I can’t even continue that without a counselling session.

I close my eyes when trying things on in shop changing rooms
Now I’m almost sure that this one isn’t just me. I don’t mean close my eyes for the whole experience, that’d make the trauma of trying to cover all the gaps with the too short curtain preserving your dignity a waste of time. I just mean close your eyes for the transitional period whilst you’re in you bra and pants. The mirrors in changing rooms leave totally no angle uncovered. In my day to day life I never see how I look from the back in my knickers, I’m glad about this. Ignorance is most definitely bliss. I just have to ensure I don’t take a quick peek and catch a glimpse of podgy thigh when I’m usually sure my legs are ok.

I still write letters
I don’t use a quill and ink, but if I could I would. I adore getting pen to paper and writing to people. It’s one of my absolute feel good things to do. Admittedly the only people who I really write to are my niece and my old primary school teacher that I still keep in touch with, due to her being amazing! I love that I can chatter away in letters and as they’re a one way conversation I can skip over the bits I don’t want to go into too deeply and bore people to death with what I believe to be hilarious little anecdotes. The most fantastic part of letter writing is the excitement of getting one back. Gives me a little flutter of happiness to see an envelope on the mat with actual writing on it.

I could go on but I would totally show myself up. I know for sure I’m not the only one to perform All That Jazz in the living room… But I could be in the minority of those of us who then proceed to give our Tony award acceptance speech!!

Let me know I’m not the only one with my little quirks… best one you tell me gets to go to my sisters and put the sugar and tea containers in the wrong order, there’s little fun like it!!


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