The Rules of Parenting I was NEVER going to break!!

I had so many ideals before I actually had any children. The usual ones when they were little (no dummies , no TV, no chocolate ,no sweets, the only food they would eat would be grown in my veg patch and then made into nutritious meals cooked from scratch by my own fair hands)
Well they all lasted a while ..well to be exact they lasted 18 months after number 1 was born. Then number 2 was born and concessions had to be made (DUMMY FOR CHILD 2!!!!!!!). Almost exactly 12 months after this number 3 was here and in all honesty it became a bit of a free for all!!
I didn’t feel terribly guilty about it. I had 3 children under 3, I didn’t have time for guilt I was too busy concentrating on when I could next power nap.

As they got older though I came up with a whole load of other rules (because there’s nothing like putting pressure on yourself is there?!!)Let me share them with you and how they’ve not lasted either!

No games consoles!

I don’t want my children becoming anti social grunters with rickets. No way ,wasn’t happening!!

We’ve 3 games consoles and instead of a Mother’s Day card this year I got Happy Mothers Day written in some Minecraft world!!

It’s ok though, they have their hour (or more if I’ve stuff to do! aargghh ) post homework. The boys playing FIFA is bonding yes???Playing Minecraft is hand eye co-ordination??I have no justification for those hugely annoying Minecraft videos eldest girl watches on Youtube mind.(Grow up Stampy!!)

There are still  rules, no violent games and Fridays are no console evenings and  we  play board games ( I know! I know ! worlds most fun mum award will evade me again this year!Beaten by Paltrow again no doubt!)

2) No Junk Food Ever!

This was a huge deal to me. Despite the fact I am 90% Nando’s most of the time my children would never ever be fed crap!!This would be neglectful of me and just awful parenting wouldn’t it??Healthy meals cooked from scratch ,every night at the table!!

Pizza Hut buffet (there’s salad?) ,2 for Tuesday (I make sure they have sweetcorn on their pizza?) , Chippy tea???.These are all discoveries made along my parenting journey .These are all things which bring immense joy and happiness to us all.I’m not going to beat myself up about it either.I’m more upset that none of my children share my love for Nandos than I am we eat chips occasionally !!

Oh and for the record ,doing home made southern fried chicken and telling the kids it’s just like KFC ,they don’t fall for that!!!

I will not be pushy mum

I was never going to push my children.As long as they were happy and content that’s all that counts.I was never going to try and live my dreams through them!

Then my son was in Les Mis….and my daughter took up Rhythmic Gymnastics..other son began writing and other daughter showed a talent at long distance running.

Let’s just call me supportive and I’ll admit I have work to do here *hangs head in shame*

4) I will never stifle their creativity!

I wanted my children and as they’ve gotten older teens to wear whatever they want,wear their hair how they like ,just feel free to express themselves however they choose!

Littlest girls fave colour is pink.The clothes she picks are always pink. Her wardrobe in like an explosion in a glittery unicorn factory.

I’m surviving..I’m sticking to this rule as it is important to me! …but if she’s not with me when I shop,what can I do?!

I’m thinking maybe I’m learning to ease off a little ,finally in my 17th year of being a mum!!! It’s good to know how I want to parent but all the rules just set me up to fail.  It’s all about perspective I suppose. I like them to eat well but no ones life was ever ruined because their mum took them to Pizza Hut!

Actually just let me Google that!!….


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