My quirky children are a glimpse of the freedom of being yourself

I live in a house full of oddballs.

It’s true , I do!

I love it!

I have a touch of the quirky about me myself I must confess (fish phobic freaky eater anyone?!)It therefore doesn’t surprise me in any way that my children are a little on the quirky side themselves.

Eldest teen has his one true love, snooker. He fell in love with the game around age.Sneaking up behind snooker in the list of things he truly loves though , is physics! Astro physics to be more precise. His idols are Stephen Hawkin and Brian Cox and he understands concepts I can’t even begin to think about! I did once ask him what his friends thought to this nerdy side of him to be told one of them was writing a 5000 word prequel to the Hunger Games and a couple of the others spend their free time coding. Apparently it’s true …the nerds will inherit the earth. Thank goodness for that I say!! Eldest teen insists then that spending hours on his silly football manager computer game is perfectly justified as he has other interests. Hmmm we’ll see about that one because next time I am accused of owing him 20 grand or getting them sacked as I signed them out of their game accidently may be the last time they play it!


Youngest teen is football crazy like many . many boys his age. He takes it that step further though. Extreme footballing shall we call it?? It’s the statistics he loves and most Saturdays can be found plucking results and scorers out of the air from 6 years ago. It’s a really impressive sight to behold I can tell you! If they ever bring back Fantasy Football and they need a new Statto , I’ve got just the person. He also does the funniest impression of Garth Crooks I have ever ever seen…which means most Saturdays I can be found curled up in a ball laughing and feeling really grateful for an effective pelvic floor.


Eldest girl is a girls in sport champion. She is really active in persuading her friends and peers to join in with after school activities. She was the sports captain at primary school and I was worried she’d change a little at high school in order to fit in , but her friend and her ensured a girls football team was created and I’m so pleased . I think I have a future feminist activist on my hands and I couldn’t be more proud of her refusal to engage with pink and dresses no matter how many times people comment to her that she should behave ‘more like a girl’.


Youngest girl has a Food Network habit. She ditched cbeebies for the barefoot contessa years ago and can often be heard pleading to be allowed to stay up and watch Amazing Wedding Cakes!! I recorded the last series of bake-off for her and she adores that too. She has plans to have her own restaurant when she’s older , she insists she’ll employ her siblings to wash up but I kinda hope they’ll be busy out there changing the world!!


I do have a giggle about all their funny ways, but the thing I love so much is that there is never any attempt by them to censor themselves. They are totally themselves. They don’t alter how they behave or who they are around different people. They’re confident that who they are is good and I can only envy at that kind of self-acceptance. I worry if anything it’s me who tries to restrict them. I questioned eldest teen going to school in his Hull City top on non-uniform day after a weekend when we’d been thrashed by a Manchester team , as we live in Manchester but he just told me not to be daft and it’d be funny. Similar to me asking youngest teen if he was sure he wanted to go to school as Gangsta granny on world book day. I can neither confirm nor deny that they take after their mum for not being able to resist the temptation to make an arse out yourself for a cheap laugh!! Actually I can. They do. At a recent Frozen themed birthday party my 6 year old daughter was the only Olaf because ‘He’s the funniest and EVERYONE will be princesses’

I think it would suit me well to take a leaf out of my children’s book. I do worry too much about other people’s opinions about what I do. I do censor myself around all but the ‘inner circle’ of people who already know me really well. Maybe I should just be me with gusto like they do. The ditzy, musicals loving bookworm with a secret fondness for country music and trashy magazines.

Maybe I’ll just give it a go!


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