My afternoon of pure, unadulterated romance….


I had a particularly slushy , romantic afternoon on Sunday. I know!!! Can you believe it?? I was charmed and wooed , swept up in the most romantic of gestures and a whole heap of loveliness. I read the sweetest love letter which made my heart flutter. I absolutely fell in love. By 7 ish though it was all over. I was coming down from a wave of giddy slushiness .

I’d finished the book.

Oh come on , you didn’t think I’d had a real shot at romance did you? No. Sunday was a nice day. My boys were having some kinda Lord of the Rings fest , I’d set the girls up with Christmas crafts , scheduling in half an hour with  book and a cuppa while all was calm!! I’d begun the book the night before and it had me hooked from the first couple of chapters.So while everyone was entertained I got back into my book. By the time they were invited out for a Sunday roast I didn’t even gate crash. I was too enthralled.

Mhairi McFarlane’s latest book. Its Not Me it’s You was one I’d been looking forward to. I’ve really enjoyed her previous ones.Comedy , romance , unexpected twists ,  loveable characters.Everything I love in a book.Do have to confess to speed reading the last few chapters as I was getting increasingly frustrated with our girl Delia not doing what I wanted her to.Yes that’s right , the single woman in her mid thirties who hasn’t had so much as a snog forever was giving advice to a made up character in a book..yeah I do that!!!

I won’t give the plot of the book away , but honestly if you need a shot of romance…read this book!!!!

So I think I’m this cold ,cynical woman . Had it up to ‘here’ with men and their shitty little antics!! I am wrong . This book taught me a little something about myself. I am an absolute sucker for a bit of romance. The slushier the better…whoops!!!Hey I realised a while ago that I was the least self aware person in the world!!!

There is a moment in the book that involves a love letter.It got me totally.I adored it!!! It may as well have come through the door to me myself!!!.I always fancied the idea of love letters.The only written correspondence with a male I’ve ever had was when an ex boyfriend was away at uni and he posted me a post it note with the simple sentiment ‘ We’re Finished’. Nice. Least he went to the effort of letting me know I suppose!

So that was my romantic Sunday. I had the best time and I learnt something about myself (apart from the fact I am a total saddo!)

My name is Kelly and I an incurable romantic…..sigh…..


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