Littlest girl, I’ll miss this bit..

I’ll not have anymore children. Littlest girl will always be the little one,  the baby, the youngest. My elder 3 children are really close in age with just 2 and a half years between them. Then there’s the little one,  she’s fantastic company. I’m really lucky because when the elder children go to their grandparents littlest girl and I get the most precious one on one time. I love it,  I adore it. I think she does too. As the youngest of four though I know that this can’t last forever,  the little girl years will become elder girl years,  will become teenage years.

I’ll miss this bit. This now. These years.

I’ll miss your hand reaching out for mine as an automatic reflex.

I’ll miss us having our secret special tea.

I’ll miss the ‘ you’re in charge’ days even the ones when I’m hoping you pick Bella Italia for lunch but you choose a pasty.

I’ll miss the way you giggle when you get pins and needles,  it’s the sweetest thing and makes my heart feel like it could explode because it’s so full.

I’ll miss you wanting to send emails and silly pics to your siblings when they’re away because you think your little tricks are hilarious.

I’ll miss blowing bubbles in the park with you for you to chase to pop.

I’ll miss cuddling up at bedtime reading you stories.

I’ll miss our chats on the walk from school when you’ve so much to tell me you flit from story to story barely pausing for breath.

I’ll miss hearing your outrage at someone in your class getting their name on the ‘ sad face ‘ and your insistence that you will never EVER go on the sad face.

I’ll miss you putting on dance shows for us,  and your expectant pauses for applause.

I’ll miss our ‘making stuff’ days.

I’ll miss your gorgeous questions like what my favourite baby animal is and what my favourite word to write in joined up writing is.

I’ll miss you moaning about having achey legs on the walk from school,  because one day there’ll be no school run.

I’ll miss how you love a lazy morning in your onesie, cuddling under a duvet watching Frozen for the millionth time.

I’ll miss it when your favourite stuffed toy Scruffy doesn’t come EVERYWHERE with us.

I’ll miss when you stop talking about all the soft toys you sleep with as though they are live characters with their own personalities. Even when you’re telling me it’s your monkey’s fault you can’t sleep because she’s in a cheeky mood and bouncing on you.

I’ll miss it when you no longer ask me to skip with you.

I’ll even miss the gross stuff like helping you wipe your little nose.

I’ll miss how excited you get by a ride on the tram.

I’ll miss the little notes you write me.

I’ll miss you asking me to tuck you in ‘ super tight ‘

I’ll miss you calling me mummy.

I’ll really miss that.

I know there’s so much new stuff to look forward to. I know we’ll find new favourite days out as you get older,  there’ll be lots of fun to be had in different ways. We’ll still have mum and daughter days. We’ll still giggle together and chat. I’ve just had so much fun with you these past years.

I’ll miss this bit.

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8 thoughts on “Littlest girl, I’ll miss this bit..

  1. I know what you mean. Harry is just turning 5 and we have had an amazing 1/2 term together. I will miss his mad little talks with me and the excitement he gets when we go to the Zoo for the millionth time . I am a photo maniac so i have lots of photo’s to look back on #PostsFromTheHeart

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  2. I can so relate to this. My fifth baby will be 3 in May and I am already mourning the fact that there will be no more baby days, no more toddlers, and a year in September, no more children at home each day. Time goes far too fast. #postsfromtheheart

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  3. My little one is only 6 months old, but there’s so much I miss already. The little squeaks she used to do in her sleep, the milk drunk look, the way she always used to sleep with her arms up in the air… They grow so fast, too fast 😦 What are beautiful moments to savour now will be beautiful memories. #PostsFromTheHeart

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